Pardon? Late you say? No… A preview video is never late or early. It arrives… Alright. Maybe a little late. But let’s forget all that and get on with it! Below is, as usual, the video with a selection of the films coming out this month and I think you should check out and under that is my personal thoughts on those films. Let’s get to it!

Alright then, it’s a pretty busy month and looks like some studios wanted to avoid summer competition and put a bunch of films out now instead so I hope your wallets have recovered from the December holidays!

Logan: At the time of writing I’ve seen this. It’s fantastic and really makes you want more adult-aimed superhero films. The tone is perfect and the ending is a real salute to the character and Jackman who has held up playing up for nearly 20 years. You will be missed, sir.

Logan at Scala Prestatyn

Kong: Skull Island: Part of me is afraid for this film. It looks like it’s putting a lot in and it might be a bit much. But! Kong looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how this ties into the Godzilla film and see where this new universe is heading

Kong Skull Island QUAD

Get Out: The reviews for this film have been astounding and a good horror film is a rarity these days. I’m all in, nothing else to it. Let me have it.

Beauty and the Beast: Like I said in the video, last year’s (Oscar-winning) Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon were fantastic and I hope this holds up to that. Is it unnecessary? Yes, 100% Could it be enjoyable and just a good night out? Also yes.

Life: This is my Alien Covenant appetiser. Butter me up. Get me good and hungry.

Power Rangers: I’m still on the fence about this one. It could be really gritty and that could work. It could be kinda campy like the original series and that could work. it could be a mesh of the two and that could work. It could be a horrible mess with either of the options. My kids are nuts for Power Rangers so I have no choice if I’m going or not.

Power Rangers Un-Masked

Photo Credit: Kimberley French

Free Fire: This looks like a 70s Acid Trip version of Mad Max: Fury Road. Hopefully will be this year’s Nice Guys.

Ghost In The Shell: Say what you want this looks interesting at the least and could be really cool if its done right.

Smurfs The Lost Village: Yeah… did we want another Smurfs movie? Take your little ones to this. Not Logan. Smurfs

And that’s it for this month! I’ll be back (on time) for April! I can already taste those April showers!


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