So the question is what can you do with Men In Black that probably hasn’t been done yet? Simple, bring time travel in to the equation.

So here we find that “Agent K” (Tommy Lee Jones) has been removed from the time line by escaped prisoner “Boris the Animal” played superbly by Jemaine Clement (Flight Of The Conchords) in a hope to end the world and bring his people back from extinction, now it’s down to “Agent J” (Will Smith) to go back to 1969 and meet up with the young “Agent K” who is brilliantly played by Josh Brolin and save the K and the world.

Men In Black 3 is a funny ride with our two favourite agents, that don’t exist, there are some nice touches back in 1969 such as the original neuralizer, which sounds like it’s on dial-up.

There are also some nice background touches for you to notice, watch the screens in the MIB HQ for those celebrity aliens that live among us and back in 1969 check out the circus billboard for a character that we all probably love 😉

But what you are getting with Men In Black 3 is really a film that is trying to bring the franchise back and it does work, Josh Brolin is brilliant as the young Agent K and Jemaine Clement is just so over the top that he just steals every scene that he’s in.

Men In Black 3D

I do have to say that some key scenes are very well done with the 3D effects, but, some scenes do lack some visible depth, such as dark scenes and some of the street scenes in 1969. I’m not saying the 3D is bad, it’s just that I have seen better. There are some excellent moments where the 3D does have a fast amount of depth and these do make up for other scenes that don’t.

Overall Thoughts For Men In Black 3

MIB3 is fun, and there are entry of laughs throughout the film, it’s not as good as the first Men In Black, but it’s a lot better than Men In Black 2.

If you fancy a laugh with some Sci-Fi thrown in, a few tugs at those heart-strings and of cause Will Smith them this is the one for you.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham