It’s a great moment when you get that new upcoming release dropped off and given to you in advance of it’s release date and it’s even better when the release is one that you know you are going to enjoy.

So when I got the upcoming release of the album On Ponzi Bridge by HealeyIsland I got it straight on to my iPod in preparation for plenty of plays ready for this very review to go out here on Blazing Minds.

On Ponzi Bridge by HealeyIsland [Music Review]

HealeyIsland - On Ponzi Bridge

HealeyIsland may have strange sound to those out in the world that don’t really listen to the mass of genres out there and are stuck with their set styles of the music that they will only listen to, so people like that may have to open their minds to the world that they may be missing!

On Ponzi Bridge brings in those warm electronica tones with the chased back beats enticed with the vocal and lyrical talents of HealeyIsland, each track with its distinct vocal grouping and cross-hatched sounds, only brings the listener to the world of HealyIsland.

Right from the start of On Ponzi Bridge, you know that you are going to be taken for a journey with the music as you travelling partner and the vocals as your guide, I’ve listened to HealyIsland over the years and I have heard a change in HealeyIsland’s music.

This album, which is out in May 2013, is probably one of his best albums to date, it’s not only enjoyable to listen to, but HealeyIsland still feels fresh, which is a challenge these days for anyone who has been in the music world for a while.

Each track on the album is enjoyable and begs for you to listen again to pick up on the full lyrics of a track and for its overall production and style of the album, my advice is check out On Ponzi Bridge by HealeyIsland and give it a chance to find its way in to your collection.

Treading the line between the epochal and the domestic “On Ponzi Bridge” serves up themes and narratives that are both human and universal. Inspired by such diverse musical sources as the Americana scores of Aaron Copland and the music of The Residents, to name but two, this album further develops a previous emphasis on the eclectic whilst delivering what is possibly his most cohesive collection of tracks to-date.

HealeyIsland is Greg Healey, the Yorkshire born, Cornwall based musicalist. Alongside his music Greg is a sometime DJ for the John Peel inspired radio station Dandelion Radio as well as a music reviewer and supporter and promoter of independent music.

Take a change in your musical tastes and add some extra flavor to spice up your musical palette, check out the track Ayn Rand Is My Mistress from the album On Ponzi Bridge by HealeyIsland

Karen Woodham
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