Pitching Tents (2017) – A Coming of Age 80s Comedy – Review

The new film, Pitching Tents, by indie production company Meritage Pictures (“Take Me Home,” “Not Since You”) is out now and we’ve had the chance to bring you our thoughts on the new film.

This Coming of Age Comedy is set in Oil City, Pennsylvania in 1984, the movie, starring Michael Grant (“The Secret Life of the America Teenager”), comedian Jim Norton (“Inside Amy Schumer,” “Louie”), Booboo Stewart (“Descendants,” “Twilight Saga”), Eric Allan Kramer (“Good Luck Charlie”), Jonathan Lipnicki (“Jerry Maguire”) and newcomer, model Samantha Basalari.

Danny and Alison (Pitching Tents 2017 © Meritage Pictures)

Danny and Alison (Pitching Tents 2017 © Meritage Pictures)

Pitching Tents finds high school senior Danny Whitaker (Grant) at a crossroads – will he do what his working-class father (Kramer) thinks is practical and take a job at the local metal factory, or will his “loose cannon” guidance counselor (Norton) convince him to enroll in college to save his own job.

Pitching Tents – Thoughts

The film is certainly one that reminds me of a couple of other movies in the genre, but the first thing that stood out in the movie was the script, there are some really funny parts written in for the characters, loved Mr Mulligan (played by Jim Norton), his advice to other kids is priceless.

Mr Mulligan (Jim Norton - Pitching Tents 2017 © Meritage Pictures)

Mr Mulligan (Jim Norton – Pitching Tents 2017 © Meritage Pictures)

“But before you know it you’re getting lost in the woods drunk by yourself, dreaming of a goddess and masturbating in a poison ivy bush, there’s nothing worse than your mother dabbing calamine lotion on your grapefruit sized testicles!”

But the advice he gives to Danny about being a bright kid and for him to start dreaming to get out of the town and live a little.

To escape reality, Danny and his band of misfit buddies (Stewart, Lipnicki) head to the woods for the town’s annual rite-of- passage fishing trip. It’s after a wild party that Danny stumbles upon Goddess Camp, the urban legend of “skinny-dipping chicks” that so many horny high-school boys have fantasised about for years. Here he meets Alison (Basalari), who helps him find the strength he needs to take charge of his own destiny.

Guys and Tents (Pitching Tents 2017 © Meritage Pictures)

Guys and Tents (Pitching Tents 2017 © Meritage Pictures)

The movie does have the 80s feel, which is great as it is set in the 80s, the film is up there with the genre of films with horny teens looking for the chance to get away, drink beer and meet girls. It’s a comedy formula that works well in Pitching Tents, the comedic moments work well along with the banter between characters.

A nice touch is we don’t see the teens all the time, we jump back and forth to other characters, such as Danny’s parents to see what they think he and his friends are up to, if only they knew the truth.

Imagine American Pie meets Dazed and Confused, well that’s what you have with the movie.

Pitching Tents also stars are Spencer Daniels (“Mom”), Vincent Pastore (“The Sopranos”) and Richard Riehle (“Office Space”).

Pitching Tents is available to watch now on Amazon Video.

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham