Interview with Daily Skid writer Phil Woods

The massively popular Daily Skid satire and comedy website shut down last week, after 3 years of writing fake and sometimes outrageous news stories. The website first became popular when a story about teenagers using broccoli as a drug of choice went viral.

The site then had massive success with its McDonalds cheese story, you know the one, the story that told you their cheese was made from congealed cat urine, the story was shared nearly 20,000 times on Facebook alone. The site had 1.5 million individual visitors in its time and spawned a book with a collection of the most popular stories (still available on Amazon)

Recently on their Facebook page, the writing team of Phil Woods and Steve Smith announced the end of The Daily Skid, citing that they were now concentrating on other projects. The Facebook page changed the name to ‘Phil Woods and Steve Smiths Comedy Page’ on 1st December. I spoke to one of the writers, Phil Woods to find out a bit more about his and Steve’s future plans;

What made you start writing fake news stories and set up The Daily Skid?

One day an idea came to me, I was at my dad’s and we were having a laugh about false teeth and I said jokingly “Maybe they should stock them at supermarkets, like generic false teeth.” he laughed his head off and when I got home I decided to write it as a news story, that a supermarket had started selling organic false teeth on its shelves. I thought it was really funny so thought about how I could put it out there to make others laugh, so I set up a WordPress blog and put it on there, then I got the bug and started to write one every day, something that carried on for the first year of the site.

Didn’t a supermarket try to take action against you early on?

Yes, we wrote a story about adult and children’s advent calendars getting mixed up in the factory, we said that parents were appalled when children opened the door of a Peppa Pig advent calendar to find some chocolate boobs. We mentioned the Asda CEO by name and put a fake comment by him in the story. We then got messages from their PR/Press people to remove it because “He didn’t say that.

Did you remove it?

No, we didn’t, we simply change the lead up to say, ‘————- the CEO of Asda probably didn’t say’ and then left the quote in. This whole thing was reported in the press too (Here is a link

So why have you suddenly closed such a successful website?

We haven’t had time to create new stories and in the past 6 months, we have only written a handful. There didn’t seem any point in continuing it. We have converted the Facebook page into a page promoting the other work we are doing.

What do you have planned in 2017?

Steve and I have been writing comedy sketches since 1992, we now have a good collection that we would like to make into a TV pilot. However, around February we will have a sketch show performed on stage in Lancaster as a trial, if it is successful then we hope to take the show to bigger theatres around the UK. I am also writing a 4th book, this time it is a diary of a man who quite frankly is rude. It’s a funny look at those things you wish you could say in situations but daren’t. There is a reason why he is like he is and that is a secret right now. What I will say is that the subject matter is the most challenging I have ever written. The book is funny, sad, heartbreaking and a bit lovely too. We would like our sketch show to be made into a pilot and there is a good possibility that will happen.

Will The Daily Skid ever return?

No, that is now finished as far as the website is concerned. We have had our success and lots of fun but now is the time to say a proper goodbye, There is some good news for fans of The Daily Skid, in the new year we will be releasing a book that is a collection of every single story. It’ll be a big book but one that will give people plenty of laughs. That book will signal the end of the Daily Skid story!

How do people find out what you are up to in the future? is our Facebook page and that’s where you can find out anything that’s going on. We will also make you laugh still with funny videos and jokes!