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Let’s face it, this has to be the film that everyone has waited for and I don’t mean since they saw the trailers for it on YouTube, I mean ever since Alien was released in 1979, we’ve all been waiting for the Alien prequel and now we’ve got it, in 3D!

So here we find a team of explorers who discover a clue to the origins of man on Earth, which in turn, leads them on a journey to the darkest corners of the known universe. Where they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race. And we all know what that is, don’t we boys and girls ūüėČ

Prometheus 3D – Blazing Minds Film Review

Ridley Scott takes us back to where it all started, but this is the origins and DNA of the alien species and though some would be waiting to see the Alien itself most would be surprised with an actual lack of The Alien, or is there!

With Prometheus we don’t so much have a prequel to the Alien saga, but more so an extension of the classic Sci-Fi movie, yes there are several questions from Alien that are answered and some not, there are also new questions that arise from Prometheus that have you asking more questions, but let’s face it, we all know that there is going to be a Prometheus 2, so hopefully those new questions will be¬†answered.

Right from the very start of the movie, you just know that this is going to be a movie experience with the superb soundtrack from Marc Streitenfeld and that Ridley Scott feel right from the opening shots and the Prometheus title appearing like the Alien title did.

What you do have to take in to consideration with Prometheus, is that it’s not going to give you that massive impact that Alien had, the reason for this is, it’s hard to top what can only be¬†described¬†as the greatest horror/sci-fi movie. Instead Prometheus takes you on a ride in to that part of the Alien mythology that you thought you would never know.

Noomi Rapace is great as Elizabeth Shaw, bringing in that Ripley feeling in to the storyline, Guy Pearce performs well as Peter Weyland, but the¬†scene stealer award has to go to Michael Fassbender as David, he’s almost like the puppet that wants to be a real boy, with his charm and dry wit, he’s brilliant.


For me even before Prometheus got in to the first five minutes I had shivers of¬†anticipation on what I’d be seeing in this 2 hour movie and I wasn’t disappointed by any of it. I was glued to the screen and just couldn’t pull myself away from it.

The 3D in the movie has been done in such a way that it’s there, it’s not thrown in your face and it looks like the film wasn’t even produced in a way of saying “Yes this is 3D, look I can thrust things in to your face!”, all the depth is there, computer displays on the screen have that feeling of floating, it’s all done tastefully. This is how a 3D film should be made, using the technology in a simple but effective way without trying to push it to its limits!

Overall Thoughts For Prometheus

If you’re looking for all the answers to your Alien questions, then you’re not going to get them, instead you’re getting a new, if somewhat earlier, chapter in the Alien saga. Prometheus will leave you wanting more and hopefully the gossip of Ridley Scott being keen on Prometheus 2 then hopefully we will get it!

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