Resident Evil: Retribution 3D – Alice Takes On Umbrella Again

Alice is back in the 5th live action Resident Evil movie and following on from Resident Evil: Afterlife, Alice is still taking on Umbrella and fighting for survival hordes of the undead infected with the T-Virus.

Resident Evil Retribution Run Alice

There are some mixed feeling about Resident Evil: Retribution and some have hated the film from W.S. Anderson and the first 10 mins have really annoyed people, but personally, I gave Resident Evil: Retribution a chance.

The opening sequence of the film starts with what happened just after Afterlife had finished, but the opening sequence is running backwards! Yeah I know bizarre, we find Alice in the water and then all hell opens up on the tanker, then just as we get to the point of the last film, it all start flowing forward at the right speed, very nicely done.

As with any Resident Evil film, there are lots of the undead going around doing what they usually do, blood and gore and loads of action, with Alice in a skin-tight outfit, one for the boys there 😉

Resident Evil: Retribution – “Project Alice, You’re all going to die down here.”

The Red Queen is up to her normal tricks, but sadly she doesn’t seem as vicious as I remember from the other movies, her idea now is to unleash the undead on to Alice and her team, which now includes Leon S. Kennedy (Johann Urb) and Ada Wong (Bingbing Li). Also there is the return of Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) and a few more, don’t want to spoil it for you guys 😉

Resident Evil Retribution

Let’s be honest you’re not going to get anything that you aren’t used to with the Resident Evil movies, but it is a continuation of the story that started way back in 2002, the story of Alice going up against Umbrella and generally kicking their arse, only for the Umbrella corporation to claw their way back again for another sequel.

The 3D in the film is very nicely done, the opening sequence in reversed slow motion works really nice, but you do get the inevitable moment of an axe, knife or bullet flying towards you, but let’s face it, you get that with most 3D films.

Overall Thoughts For Resident Evil: Retribution

It’s hard for films to get past a 3rd sequel and it’s not so much that the films are bad, it’s a case that people have got so used to them with nothing really new to entice them in to screaming and shouting about it, in which case they pan the film!

Personally I enjoyed it, but I do enjoy films like this and die-hard fans of Resident Evil will love the 5th movie, if you want a film full of Zombies or Milla Jovovich in a S&M outfit, then this is certainly going to be for you.

Apollo Rhyl Film Reviewer Rating 3

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