Save Stargate Universe On FaceBook Gets Hacked!

What is the world coming to when a good cause such as trying to Save Stargate Universe, gets completely knocked down by a hacker, so what has happened? Well shortly after Forbes published the article Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe which is about the passionate following of fans and how they are trying to get SGU back on our screens via the FaceBook group Save Stargate Universe, the Facebook group was hacked.

Those of reading the posts on the group page started seeing some rather strange posts from the owner of the group, these in turn started a call for action.
Save Stargate Universe

A recent tweet from @TheDudeDean let everyone following him know about the situation and the start of a call to fans to help with the terrible situation:

If you would like to help with getting back the group from the hacker, then you can do so by simply visiting the FaceBook page for reporting problems with FaceBook Pages and What The Zuck? Hopefully this will help towards Dean and the admins getting back control of the group page and continuing with the fight to get the show back on our screens.

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  • Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe (

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