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Now if you have read my blog and been paying attention to what’s been going on, you will remember the post I published about how @Syfy had decided to end the superb series Stargate Universe and that fans were trying to do their part in bringing back the show, now when I originally posted the article the Save Stargate Universe Facebook page had 26,549 fans joining together to help save the show and now, while typing out this post the Facebook page has 51,179 fans.

It’s In The Numbers!

This all goes to show that fans of the show are still not happy and are still protesting about the show being cancelled, but the count still needs to be increased and hopefully buy bringing you this update on the situation of a good show being put down in its prime and showing you that the numbers are indeed climbing, then hopefully the bosses of the studios etc will start to listen to the fans of the show and bring it back on our screens.

Why Try To Bring It Back!

Simple put, the show was just stating to make its way in the Stargate franchise, yes it may have been slow to start, but towards the end the show was developing its characters more and we were all starting to get to know their ways, which all helped to you feeling for the show and the situations that the characters were put in.

There seems to be too many “cop” shows on TV these days as well as those dreadful celebrity shows where they have a failing career and just want to back in the limelight again.

With the Stargate franchise, we are taken on a journey with our imagination, giving us a chance to get away from everyday life and travel to places we could never even comprehend going. So having a show like this is not only a joy to watch, it’s a chance to just forget our mundane lives for a little while.

Keep Doing Your Part To Save Stargate Universe

We all need to keep doing our part to save the show and by creating posts like this one and spreading the word, we can hopefully get more fans to come round to joining the Save Stargate Universe Facebook page as well as tweeting links to fellow bloggers posts on the situation of Stargate being cancelled.

Fact or Fake Interview with Craig Engler of SYFY about the cancellation of SGU

So, if you haven’t already, please stop by the Save Stargate Universe Facebook page and become a fan to help the cause as well as stopping by The Plan: Save Stargate Universe for ideas on how you can spread the word and help get the show back.

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham