More than 30 years since West End Girls was top of the charts, The Pet Shop Boys still manage to bang out great music. Following the success of their 2013 album ‘Electric’ which reached number 3in the charts and won numerous awards comes the first single from their hugely anticipated 13th studio album ‘Super’.

The Pop Kids is basically the story of nightclubbing in the early 1990’s a time when rave music began in earnest. As usual the lyrics written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe provide us with a story rather than the same old stuff about love and relationships we seem to get from every other band In the market. The song is produced by Stuart Price, a legendary producer and DJ in the dance music scene, the same producer who they collaborated with for their last album.

Instantly catchy both the dance melody and the chorus point towards yet another big hit for the duo. They stay right up to date with their style, allowing a new breed of young fans to discover the musical genius of the Pet Shop Boys. For older fans the vocal style is instantly recognisable, although those who’ve had a break from their music and missed out on their last album ‘Electric’, the style of music may seem a diversion from their old style but they will soon get used to it and love it just as they did with their past music.

The song gets off to an upbeat start, an uplifting melody that is sure to work well in the clubs. It’s reminiscent of the exact type of era they are talking about, the early 90’s. When we get to the chorus it puts itself straight into that part of the brain reserved for retaining catchy songs l, and until you listen to another catchy tune it will play over and over again in your head. I played this song to my children and they instantly got into the chorus and sang along, a few weeks later and if they hear me singing it they’ll join in. Having only heard the song once, this is ultimate proof of how catchy this song really is.

The Pet Shop Boys have come up with another classic, quite how they do it again and again is beyond me. Their back catalogue of songs is huge, with even their bonus tracks and b-sides proving to be songs worthy of being a single in their own right. Having heard this song and the other teaser (Inner Sanctum) from the new album, I confidently predict another huge hit for the pair.

Phil Woods

Phil Woods

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