I think it was back in February that I was first introduced to The Reads (@The_Reads), while listening to our local radio station, doing the Welsh Wednesday, which is an amazing chance for bands based in Wales to get their music played on the radio (which funnily enough was the same day Remergence was played).

So The Reads are: Marcel Delrue, Jamie Russell, Stuart Bennett, Clare Goddard and Matty Goddard. Together they produce some amazing music which has been described as ambient/electro/folk/rock, they have recently struck a deal with the London based music publishers, ASongs, the home of Fatboy Slim and the Stereo MCs.

Stories from the Border – The Reads – Music Review

OK on to the wonders of The Reads. If you harken back to those early days when Coldplay produced music that was so enjoyable and didn’t sound like they’d sold-out to the labels, then this is what you want.

Right from the opening track you know that this album is going to be one of those that you will keep coming back and listening to, it’s soothing on the mind and the ears, something which you don’t really get these days.

Even though Stories from the Border was released in 2011, it’s going to hold it’s own, the 12 tracks are such a joy to listen to, with some really amazing vocals and lyrics spreading across the album with only what can be described as blissful.

With tracks such as The Rock and Supersaver Return, which has to be one of my all time favourites on the album, The Reads have done amazing job on, not only, the production of the album, but with sense of passion that they have put in to each track.

All I can say is that if The Reads put this much passion in to a new album, then it’s going to be another sure fire hit with this reviewer, I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes open for another album from them and suffuce to say that will also get the Blazing Minds review treatment as well.

Last Words!

So nice one to The Reads for such a brilliant album.

Check out The Reads Official Website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Karen Woodham
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