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The Impossible

The Impossible takes us back to one the most unforgettable natural catastrophes that has happened in our life, the film brings us the story of a families fight for survival and search for one another.

The film is based on a true story of the events that happened in 2006 in Thailand and the devastation and horror of the tsunami as it hit the holiday resort on Boxing Day.

The Impossible

The family split up by the awful event are taken on their desperate paths in an emotionally charged movie, with the father (Ewan McGregor) with two of his sons caught in the wave and the mother (Naomi Watts) pummeled by debris and water with their other son with her.

The Impossible is a powerful film, you know what is going to happen, we saw it on the news when it happened, but the film puts you on an uneasy footing, as the family are enjoying their holiday, when suddenly all hell breaks loose.

With the silence falling and the earth starting to shake the wave hits and with the very good use of sound and visuals by the film makers, you feel for the family and your emotions are rearing up for what is a very emotional movie event.

As the family are split your tears begin to flow, not just with sadness, but also with tears of happiness in certain parts of the film.

I haven’t sat through such a powerful and emotional film for such a long time, its so hard to hold back the tears during The Impossible, the acting is brilliant and you really feel for the characters, the use of sound and sometimes the lack of it, only brings in the hold that the film has on you.

The special effects of the tidal wave are outstanding, as soon as it hits, you have a sudden intake of breath as its just looks so damn real, it’s almost as if you are a bystander watching from afar at the real catastrophe.

Overall Thoughts For The Impossible

The film is emotionally charged, take some tissues with you when Yu go and see it and be prepared for an outstanding and well produced film.

Apollo Rhyl Film Reviewer Rating 4

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