Thomas Nicholas Band perform at Rosies in Chester in a last minute date that was added to their schedule to rock with fans on Freshers week.

So as you all know last week it was Wales Comic Con and in the evening it was the after show party where I was honoured to be able to review Thomas Nicholas Band and Straight Jacket Legends.

With the run up to the show I’d been tweeting Thom to organise my review and for my photographer partner, CelebExposed, to cover the show and get exclusive photographs of the bands and the night and it all went brilliantly.

Now due to an issue, some shows we’re canceled with many fans missing out on the band, due to the cancelled shows, but thankfully Thom had got some new dates and one of these was in Rosies in Chester.

So I asked Thom if I could cover the show and do a sort of follow on article as it was a real local event for me as it’s not far for me to travel to cover the event, which Thom was OK with me doing.

The TNB Midnight Gig at Rosies in Chester

At 11PM I picked up my friends, Hannah and Gemma, shot down to Chester to Northgate Street to Rosies Nightclub to see Thom perform his acoustic set, despite a slight issue with the bouncer not knowing who I was, Thom got it sorted and I was greeted by one of the staff from Rosies who led us up stairs and said, “If there is anything you need, then please ask”, which was so nice.

Rosies has three floors capable of running several different events, I’ll get to see all the other floors one of these days, might pop in for a visit and chat one day 😉 It certainly seems the place for the many events that they hold such as Skint, Gender Blender / Metal Pig, GetOnIt / CSU Official sports teams night and loads more, which you can all about on their website.

Upstairs it was getting really busy as fans were around Thom waiting for him to start, so it was hugs and a good luck from me and then Thom started his set.

Rocking Rosies in Chester

Thomas Nicholas at Rosies in Chester

Suffice to say Thom went down a storm, the crowd were going wild for him, being at the front at arm’s length from him, it was hard to try to keep my camera steady from everyone dancing and singing away.

Later on Matt joined Thom and the pair continued their acoustic set, no matter the size of the venue Thomas Nicholas Band can really rock the place. The second floor at Rosies was smaller than Central Station in Wrexham, but the atmosphere was the same.

The one thing that stands out from Thom’s gigs is that the fans love him and he loves them, after each show he mixes with the fans, talks to them, had photos taken with them and generally spends time with them.

TNB and Fans

This is one of the reasons I wanted to do a follow on article from the one I did for The gig at Central Station, I wanted to see the comparison of venue sizes and how Thom compares in each.

What I discovered is Thom is one of those stars that loves his public and his fans, showing that he’s human like the rest of us and he shows it.

So there we have it, of you do get the chance to see Thomas Nicholas Band live then go for it, you really will enjoy it and the crowd interaction.

I must say a big thanks to Rosies for the kind and polite treatment after getting in and for being so accommodating, I’d also like to thank Thom and Matt for allowing me to cover yet another gig that they have performed at, you guys Rock 😉 I’m really looking forward to working with Thom again in March when he returns to Central Station.

Karen Woodham
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