Trailer Park Shark aka Shark Shock – Showing on Syfy UK!

We’ve got some great movie news for you folks and some exclusive stills from the upcoming movie, Trailer Park Shark, which stars my good buddy Thomas Nicholas.

Trailer Park Shark (Thomas Nicholas - Still)

Trailer Park Shark (Thomas Nicholas – Still)

The new upcoming movie is directed by Griff Furst (Ghost Shark, Lake Placid 3) and reunites Thomas Nicholas and Tara Reid in a new action horror movie that has bite!

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Trailer Park Shark - Tara Reid (still)

Trailer Park Shark – Tara Reid (still)

The new movie will get its first screening on the Syfy channel on August 2, 2017 (US only at the moment), as part of their Sharknado Week. There is no date as of yet for a UK release, but as soon as we have any updates on a date, we’ll post it up here on Blazing Minds.

Trailer Park Shark (still)

Trailer Park Shark (still)

From the stills that have been sent over to us, Trailer Park Shark looks like it’s going to be a movie that I’m going to love, after all, I love the craziness of the Ghost Shark, so this is a movie that is right there on my watch list.

Trailer Park Shark (still 3)

Trailer Park Shark (still 3)

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Trailer Park Shark - Jet Ski (Thomas Nicholas - Still)

Trailer Park Shark – Jet Ski (Thomas Nicholas – Still)

The movie stars: Tara Reid (Party Bus to Hell; Sharknado films; Charlie’s Farm), Thomas Nicholas (Living Among Us; Halloween: Resurrection), Dennis Haskins (Revamped; Dismembered), Carrie Lazar, David Kallaway, Ritchie Montgomery, Rob Mello, Clint James, Ali Eagle, Lani Sarem, Isaiah LaBorde, Josh Whites, Elise Berggreen, Lulu Jovovich, Sophie Howell.

UPDATED 21 August 2017

We’ve got the news that UK fans have been waiting for, Trailer Park Shark has aired on Syfy UK! What you missed it? Well that’s no wonder as the UK release of the movie is not called Trailer Park Shark, it is called Shark Shock! Syfy UK is showing the film at various times, but it is also available to download via On Demand on the Sky Platform, so if you want to see my good buddy Thomas Nicholas in Trailer Park Shark, whoops I mean, Shark Shock then check it out now in the Syfy UK channel.

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