Waxwork Restored and Remastered – Blu-ray Review

Waxwork is heading on to Blu-ray for the first time thanks to Lionsgate UK later this month, we check out the release and its special features.

1988’s Waxwork see those typical 80s teenagers poking their noses into things that they really shouldn’t, a group of teenagers check out waxworks of Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and other classic horror characters in the Waxwork’s hall of fame, with each display being more grotesque than the last you would be forgiven to think that they all have one thing missing, a victim!

Entry to the Waxwork is free, but each teenager has entered without knowing that admission to the horror is their life and one by one they become permanent fixtures of the bloodthirsty characters that frequent the Waxwork!

Waxwork Blu-ray Review Blazing Minds

Waxwork Review

We seem to be loving the 80s revival of the horror/comedy flicks that many of us grew up with and loved to watch on video without our parents knowing, like our review the other day of Return of the Living Dead 3Waxwork is another restored and remastered release from Lionsgate UK.

Waxwork is another of those strange movies that have those moments of comedic relief during the horror, but in today’s day and age, the horror is rather comical in itself but the special effects, much like many of the films in the 80s and 90s is all done with physical effects, yes dear readers these are movies before the world of CGI.

The cast of the movie will be well known to many film fans, such as Zach Galligan from the Gremlins movies, David Warner (The Omen, Star Trek: The Undiscovered County), John Rhys-Davis (Sliders, Lord of the Rings) and Patrick Macnee (The Howling, The Avengers) all thrown together in the bizarre story and direction from Anthony Hickox, who had a cameo role in the film we reviewed the other day, Return of the Living Dead 3!

As Patrick Macnee says on one of the special features on the Blu-ray, “you’ve never seen a film as crazy as this one.“, but the film is fun in its 80s way, I love the feel you get from an 80s movie, something you don’t these days with recent movies, it has the raw feel with the special creature effects and the bizarre soundtrack that runs throughout the film.

Waxwork does look good on Blu-ray, the colours are vibrant, the dark scenes come across well and it shows that the restored and remastering of the movie has been done to bring the look and feel of the original release to Blu-ray. The sound on the disc is 2.0, there are moments when the music does take over from the speech, but they are still audible enough to understand.

As with most Blu-ray releases the disc comes with a good selection of special features to take you behind the scenes and into the history of the making of the movie.

Waxwork Special Features:

  • AUDIO COMMENTARY with Anthony Hickox & Zach Galligan
  • FEATURETTES: “The Waxwork Chronicles” (Parts 1–6), The Making of Waxwork

Waxwork will be released on Blu-ray on August 28th, 2017.

Waxwork is heading on to Blu-ray for the first time thanks to Lionsgate UK later this month, we check out the release and its special features.
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Karen Woodham
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