Wreck It Ralph is the 52nd Animated full length film for Disney, following the story of Ralph, a video game character that sets out to become a hero rather than a hated villain  but his quest causes havoc for the rest of the arcade characters in the arcade.

Wreck It Ralph – Blazing Minds Film Review

Now this is one of the films that I’d been eagerly awaiting since seeing the trailer for it last year, just the idea of some of the classic arcade machines having a life of their own intrigued me.

Wreck It Ralph Title

I really loved the use of some of the classic arcade games that some kids these days would have no idea about, such as Tapper and Pacman, just great to see these characters on the big screen, moving around in their own quirky animated style.

Ralph (John C. Reilly) makes his way out of his game in search of becoming a hero and on his journey he meets Callhoun (Jane Lynch) from a modern-day shoot ’em up called “Hero’s Duty” and befriends Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) from a racing game that is as cute as can be called “Sugar Rush”.

Now most of the film is based in and around “Sugar Rush”, but this is no bad thing as the relationship between Ralph and Venellope is so nicely done as Ralph learns that there is so much more than just being a hero.

Disney have done a superb job with Wreck It Ralph, it’s not only going to appeal to the kids with its bright colours, bouncing soundtrack and funny arcade moments, but it’s also going to be fun for the adults watching it with the kids, with some of its little jokes that have been put in for the adults to giggle at along with the kids in the audience.

Wreck It Ralph

The visuals of Wreck It Ralph are amazing and they do seem a little Toy Story in parts, but this could be down to the John Lasseter being the executive producer, but that’s no bad thing, the film just looks brilliant and the 3D works in many places, specially with the Hero’s Duty section.

I haven’t enjoyed a Disney movie as much as I did with Wreck It Ralph for such a long time, so much fun and nice not to have any musical sequences in a Disney, I hate it when characters just suddenly burst in to song.

Wreck-It Ralph Short – Paperman

Paperman - Wreck It Ralph Short

Now before moving on to the overall thoughts for Wreck It Ralph, I’ve got to mention the short before the film started that was titled “Paperman”, it’s such a lovely animated story, all black and white with only a kiss in colour! A lovely story of love between two strangers that meet on a train platform.

Paperman was lovely to watch and with its style it certainly had me wanting to see it again.

Overall Thoughts For Wreck It Ralph

With a nomination for an Oscar in Best Animated Film, you can see that Wreck It Ralph is probably going to entertain audiences of all ages this half-term holiday in the UK. Wreck It Ralph is going to appeal to all ages, great animation, lovely story and quirky characters, certainly a film you should go and see, although the 3D could have been a bit better, but hey it’s in 2D as well, so take your pick.

Vue Rhyl Film Reviewer Rating 4

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