211, a movie inspired by true events, starring Nicolas Cage – Review

The new movie 211 with Nicolas Cage (Gone In 60 Seconds, Face/Off) is inspired by one of the longest and bloodiest real-life events in police history… 211 is police code for “robbery in progress”, the new movie shows what it means to be in the middle of an unfolding crisis situation.


Mike Chandler (Cage) is a life-long veteran police officer ready to finally enjoy his retirement and a well-deserved pension. With his partner and son-in-law, rookie Steve at his side, and Kenny, a 15-year-old court-appointed ride-along (that he certainly won’t forget) reluctantly in tow, they set out on a routine patrol of the city’s streets, only to come up against an explosive situation.

211 Still

The two officers and their young civilian passenger find themselves underprepared for the events that are about to happen and are totally outgunned when they are caught up in a daring bank heist by a team of highly trained, heavily armed and trigger-happy men.

211 – Review

OK, so the first thing you have to remember with this new action movie with Nicolas Cage is it’s a DTV (Direct To Video) movie, so don’t be expecting the big-budget production of the Hollywood movies, the movie is a bit of a slow starter and it’s not really until you get to around the first 30 minutes or so that things really start to happen.

The script may not be the best in the world and neither is the acting, but the action in the movie certainly makes up for the lack of anything else, plenty of guns shooting, lots of shouting and running around, 211 is a movie that diehard Nicolas Cage fans will enjoy, mainly for his limited screen time that he has.

After watching 211 I was wondering how much of the original event that it was based on made it into the film, it certainly seems that much of the film was glorified for the small screen, such as the police firing thousands of bullets into the bank, even though there were civilian hostages in there!

211 is a movie that has some tense action and suspense, but it really isn’t one that I could watch over and over again.

Along with Nicolas Cage, 211 also stars Dwayne Cameron (McLaren), Michael Rainey Jr. (TV’s Orange is the New Black), and Sophie Skelton (TV’s Outlander).

211 DVD

211 starring Nicolas Cage is out EST 16th July / DVD 23rd July.

The new movie #211Movie with #NicolasCage (Gone In 60 Seconds, Face/Off) is inspired by one of the longest and bloodiest real-life events in police history
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