The First Purge, the all-out action prequel – Review

After three movies in The Purge franchise, it’s now time for us to go back before the first movie from 2013, in the prequel for The First Purge.

The new movie in the series is set in 2017, five years before the first movie, after the rise of a third political party, the NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America), which was formed in 2014, set up an experiment where no laws can be broken or reported for 12 hours on Staten Island, a place that they class to be the perfect place to set up the controversial experiment, it’s an area that has it’s problems, people with lack of money and gangs.

As an incentive for people to stay during the experiment, they are offered $5,000 to stay during what has now become known as “The Purge”.

The First Purge - Still

The NFFA’s plan for The Purge is to help stabilise the American society, but they don’t want failure!

The First Purge is a movie that I was hoping would happen after seeing the first film back in 2013, just so I could find out why and how this controversial night of violence was happening and the First Purge certainly answers many questions that I had. With the movie being a prequel it’s a nice fit for the franchise.

Unlike many of the horror/thriller movies that you see these days, the characters are nicely portrayed by the cast, one that really made me cringe with fear is Skeletor (played by Rotimi Paul), the first introduction to him at the start of the film, sets your nerves on end, you certainly get the feeling that this guy is a complete psychopath and The Purge is the perfect night for him to let loose and go completely crazy!

The First Purge has some great moments of making you jump, it also has some great use of the special effects and one that really sticks in my mind is a moment when a blood splatter hits the camera lens, shocking and very nicely done at the same time,  can only imagine how something like that would look like in 3D.

The First Purge - Church

The key characters of the movie take us on their journey through The First Purge, the story of those trying to survive the 12 hours is gripping from start to finish.

James DeMonaco who directed and wrote the first three movies has relinquished the director’s chair to Gerard McMurray (Burning Sands) who has brought us an unnerving, action-packed, movie that perfectly sets up the three other films in the franchise, writer James DeMonaco has also brought us characters that old up very well throughout the movie.

It’s going to be interesting to see where the franchise goes now that a prequel has been released, will we get another movie set between this one and the first movie, maybe a sequel to Election Year or maybe that will be it for the movies now that a TV Series is on its way. But for the time being, check out The First Purge which stars Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis and Joivan Wade, it’s out now in UK Cinemas and will be out on Blu-ray on the 29th October 2018.

The First Purge


Probably not the best in the franchise, but The First Purge is certainly a movie that sets up the three other Purge movies, great action set pieces and still a fun movie.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham