Zena the Zombie – A fun book for all the family – Review

So I have a bit of unusual book review for you today dear readers, as I bring you news of Zena the Zombie a new book from Sam Stone, David J Howe and illustrated by Martin Baines.

Those of you that have been visiting the Blazing Minds website over the years will have seen me mention Sam and David in the past, we even did an interview with SamStone about one of her books, so when David mentioned to me that they had a new book coming out, that was different from what they had done before, I just had to get a copy and check it out and believe me it IS very different.

In the dark of night in a creepy old house …
There are sounds that could not come from a mouse.
Zena’s friend Zelda is missing her parts
And Zena must find them before the fun starts …

David, Sam and Martin have brought Zena the Zombie to life in a colouring based storybook, yep you read that right, this new book is not just for kids though, I have to say that it’s for all ages, heck even adults like to colour between the lines from time to time, it’s very therapeutic you know.

Zena the Zombie is on a quest in the book, she is looking for the parts that her friend, Zelda, has lost and this charming tale takes the reader on a journey to help Zena in her quest, along the way the kids and adults can colour in some wonderfully drawn images from Martin Baines.

Martain has been producing images in a variety of styles, from realistically painted book jackets to drawing comic strips and colouring the famous Garth comic strip in the Daily Mirror.

His portfolio also includes illustrating the life story of famous footballers for Match of the Day weekly, Wallace & Gromit comic, Commando, the Beano and illustrations in People’s Friend.Zena The Zombie - Book

The pictures will certainly take some time to colour in this A4 sized book and it’s only down to the imagination of the reader to choose the colours that will make the pictures pop even more than they already do in the book.

Accompanying the artwork is the story that takes us on the journey with Zena as from page to page she looks for Zelda’s bits, the story is written in delightful and spooky verse that works so well with the pictures. David and Sam have shown that they can put their writing talents into something that is both charming and spooky, that holds the attention of the reader from the first verse to the very last.

Zena’s adventure is a delight to read and to colour. If you fancy something a little different then Zena the Zombie is certainly a book that comes to mind and I love it.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to see if Zena the Zombie has found Zena’s feet and to do a little colouring.


Zena the Zombie is available from Telos Publishing.

Zena the Zombie - Great for all ages


Zena the Zombie is a fun, delightful, book that no matter what your age it’s a fun read and great to colour!

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham