Interview Ricardo Segarra Midnight Snack

Interview Ricardo Segarra Midnight Snack


With the latest instalment of the Dinnerverse series Midnight Snack currently playing at the festival circuits, I got a chance to ask actor Ricardo Segarra a few questions about how he got into acting, the physical comedy in the film and what we can expect from the latest course.


How did you first get into acting?

As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be an actor.   I just wasn’t sure how to start.  So, I went online seeking information and along the way, I found an open casting call for extras on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009).  I submitted myself and was accepted to work on the film for a few days.  That was my first time on any film set and it was a pretty big experience.  Being a part of such a massive film and seeing how everything was done first hand really motivated me to take acting seriously.  So, I immediately enrolled in an acting school known as Weist-Barron-Ryan.  I studied commercial acting as well as Method Acting and the rest is history.


Midnight Snack is the latest entry in the Dinnerverse series, what can we expect with the latest film?

I think, like all in the Dinnerverse, you can expect something a little different from the latest film.  The Dinnerverse has a blend of horror, comedy and even some sci-fi elements that allow Team Dinner to always think outside the box.  The latest in the series flips some roles that the previous films have maybe gotten people accustomed to, which is always a fun little thing to do.  But you can still definitely expect some more from the horror genre mixed in nicely with that comedic element that lends itself easily to scary situations.


Ricardo SegarraThis will be the third time which you have played Hamilton in the series, how did you get involved in the film originally?

It all started with an idea.  I was lucky enough to meet the creator of the Dinnerverse, Aleksandra Svetlichnaya on a commercial shoot.  Sometimes, you just vibe with those you work with and that was the case with Aleks.  When someone loves pizza as much as you do, you become friends. (ha ha) Aleks and I stayed connected via Facebook because it’s great to have connections in the acting world.  She contacted me about an idea to do something different.  Aleks wanted to make something and create a role that doesn’t really get offered to her as an actor and that’s a shame because she’s great.  She usually gets the “pretty girl” roles but she wanted to be more than that and invited me along for the ride.  She pitched the idea for DINNER (2015) and I was sold at the gate.

There is a very physical comedy to your performance as Hamilton, is comedy something which you enjoy doing?

For sure.  I think as an actor, it’s good to flex your acting abilities with different types of roles.  I love doing dramatic acting but I’m naturally a goofball and love making people around me laugh.  So, it’s always great to know I’m not going to have to put myself in a dark place mentally and I just kind of get to cut loose and be myself with the volume turned up a bit. It’s a blast!

Do you think the character Hamilton reflects some of your own traits?

Without a doubt.  The best thing about Aleks as a director is she really allows myself and the other actors to feel out the scene and collaborate with the comedy and that’s always a fantastic experience.  “What would Hamilton do here?” That kind of directing is always great for an actor because we get to really put a little of ourselves into the role.  She always allows us to improvise as well.  When that happens, one can’t help but show a little of themselves.

What were some of your favourite moments in the series?

There are lots that come to mind and I could probably create an endless list which speaks on how much fun filming this series has really been.  One of my favourite moments was a behind the scenes video we did that consisted of Josh and myself being completely covered in food dancing with Aleks in the kitchen during a shoot. We were just having a blast being silly.  We also have a lightsabre scene in the Dinnerverse, that while small, makes me chuckle every time.  And of course, I have a soft spot for the first time Oscar and Hamilton interact on screen.  It goes from scary to, “Ok, this is not what I was expecting.” But in a fun way.


The Dinnerverse films have continued to grow in popularity after playing at the film festivals and conventions. What is it about these films that makes them resonate so well with genre fans?

I think that it’s due to the nature of these films.  None of them are typical by any means.  A lot of the time, when watching a genre film, there are many beats in which society has gotten used to when it comes to structure.  But I think Aleks has found a unique take on how we think things will play out and how they actually turn out.  So, each film feels fresh in its own right and allows for a fun viewing experience.  And it doesn’t hurt to have tons of Easter eggs from other horror genres and pieces of work that people can spot that pays homage to things of the past.  It’s a great thing for fans to see.


You worked with both Aleksandra Svetlichnaya and Joshua Kachnycz as the central characters in the Dinnerverse series. What has it been like to work on the series?

It’s been an absolute delight.  It’s always such a collaborative environment that any actor would love to be a part of.  When we make these films, they are done on practically zero budget.  So, you know that everyone involved wants to be there to make something special.  And you feel that every day that we are on set.  From going to cons together to present the films and or just going out to lunch to get some pizza, it has been an absolute delight every step of the way and I’m truly grateful to be a part of it.

In Midnight Snack they are going on a camping trip but return early after forgetting the s’mores. If you were going camping trip what is the one item which you could not be without?

Personally, I have never been camping.  But I would have to say my iPhone.  I know that sounds horrible.  It’s not even about social media but as an actor, you always want your phone nearby.  You never know when an opportunity will come up.


Do you have any other projects which you are working on?

Yes.  As well as working on other projects through my agency, I like to create my own as well.  I’m currently working on an action short film that will be released by the end of the summer.  So, stay tuned for that.


If someone is looking to get into acting what advice would you give them?

I would absolutely tell them to get as much training as possible.  Acting is an art and you never stop learning.  Study your craft and enrol in acting classes.  They go a long way.  Never be afraid to look silly.  Learn to improvise and make connections along the way.  Sometimes, it’s not what you know but who you know.  Stay motivated and understand that there are always going to be auditions.  In this line of work, there are going to be a lot of “No’s”.  Just keep pushing forward and learn as much as you can.                 


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Philip Rogers chats with Ricardo Segarra about what we can expect from the  Dinnerverse series and the latest film, Midnight Snack
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