I remember the first time I saw The Entity is was back in the days when you would pop in the local video store, head to the horror section and pick out a movie that sounded shocking and terrifying and one that you know your parents wouldn’t approve of!

This movie was one of those that I had previously read the book by Frank De Felitta and it was also one of the many films that would be in my collection of book to movie adaptations that I have enjoyed over the years, even though there is a lot in the book that is missing from the film, but now-a-days if the film was made it would probably have almost everything put in and made into a miniseries for TV.

But still, The Entity is a movie that is one that a lot of horror fans have in their video collection and now thanks to Eureka Entertainment this classic psychological, ground-breaking, horror movie was released onto Blu-ray yesterday (15 May 2017).

The Entity (Blu-ray Review on Blazing Minds)

Barbara Hershey stars as Carla Moran and the parapsychologists (Eureka Entertainment)

The movie stars Academy Award nominee Barbara Hershey stars as Carla Moran, a hard-working single mother who, one terrible night is raped in her bedroom by someone – or something – that she cannot see. Met with sceptical psychiatrists, she is repeatedly attacked in her car, in the bath, and in front of her children. Could this be a case of hysteria, a manifestation of childhood sexual trauma, or something even more horrific?

The Entity – 35 Years Later!

So there were a couple of questions I had about the movie being released on Blu-ray, 35 years after its initial release, one was would it stand the test of time, especially with the overuse of CGI in a lot of movies these days that make everything look maybe too real and how would the movie look on Blu-ray.

Well first of all the film does seem a little dated, but that is expected after 35 years, the clothes, the cars and the feel of the movie show its age, but it still has the grip on you that it had when it first came out. You find yourself intrigued all over again to see how the psychiatrists will deal with Carla Moran’s predicament as well has how her children cope with seeing what is happening to their mother.

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The Entity’s special effect still look good, the electricity flowing through the fingers during her attack by the psychotic demon is vibrant on the Blu-ray as are a lot of the dark scenes with the Blu-ray release handling them really well. And who can forget the “fondling” scene, a scene that for many years many wondered how it was done as the invisible fingers press and caress Carla’s breast during a vicious attack on her in her home!

I have to say that I first watched the Blu-ray on my old TV which was an HD ready model, yes a little outdated for this day and age, so it wasn’t Full HD, but then a couple of nights ago, just before getting ready to write this article, I got myself a new LG 49inch 4K UHD HDR 3D TV and boy oh boy is there a difference, the Blu-ray comes across as if it was produced for today’s audiences, the picture quality is superb and the 5.1 surround sound works very well for the release, with some nice atmospheric sound effects passing seamlessly to and from the front to rear speakers.

This is a movie that certainly isn’t for the faint of heart and even now, 35 years later, it is still able to shock, watch from behind a cushion and make you jump!

The Entity Blu-ray isn’t overly packed with features, but with a gorgeous 1080p presentation of the film, it also includes optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and the original Trailer.

The Entity is available to order now and it’s a must for fans of the genre.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham