LG 49UH850V Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD HDR 49″ LED TV – Tech Review

There comes a time when your old TV just can’t hack it anymore and with the new TVs having better quality screens with 4K etc it was time for me to ditch my 32inch HD Ready TV and get my hands on an LG 49 inch 4K UHD 3D TV!

Hang on 3D! Yes, folks 3D, there has been a lot of talk of 3D TVs going out of production, but for those of us, that love 3D and have a rather large collection of movies on 3D Blu-ray I just had to go for the 3D version of the TV!

It was a big step to go from 32 to a 49inch screen, but after getting used to the size, boy oh boy was it worth it. The LG 4K UHD 3D TV certainly packs a punch when it comes to not only the visual and sound quality but also in the design and the build quality of the TV.

Suffice to say the box for the TV was huge when it was delivered, but setting up the TV was really easier than I first thought it would be, after removing the protective polystyrene and the coverings, I started putting the curved stand on to the TV ready for it to placed on my TV unit, the LG is a little heavy, so best to have two people to move it from one place to another.

I connected up the HDMI cables from my Sky Box, PS3 and from my Blu-ray 5.1 surround system to the TV, surprisingly no SCART sockets (these must be a thing of the past no, but hey I wasn’t using them anyway!), there are also 3 USB sockets, optical in and out, LAN, AV In and component, satellite, cable and a PCMCIA card slot.

So I turned the TV on and was greeted by the LG Logo, followed by the set up screens with really simple instructions to set up not only the TV but also the “magic remote” that came with the TV, a nice little piece of kit that allows you to move a cursor around the screen, very much like a Wii paddle does. This remote is the key to operating the TV and the other devices that you may have connected. It allows me to control my SKY HD Box etc, so a chance to hide away the many remotes that clutter up the table!

After the setup of the TV and the remote was complete, it was time to put the TV through its paces, first of all, was testing out the picture via the SKY Box!

SKY HD on the LG 4K UHD 3D TV

The first thing I noticed was the difference in the quality from my HD Ready TV to the LG, the picture was a lot crisper and get a good feeling of motion when people are moving around in the scenes on the shows, rather than looking slightly flat on the HD Ready TV. The colours are also good and changing the many setting on the TV from backlighting to the sharpness really makes a difference depending on how light or dark the room is when watching the TV.

As I have a 5.1 system connected to my Sky HD box, it’s very rare that I use a TV s internal Harman Kardon speakers ensure that the TV offers high-quality audio to accompany the stunning images, immersing you in the sound and it works great on not only the speech in a broadcast keeping is sharp and understandable, but also give a good bit of ambience when watching something that needs a certain feel to a movie or show.

Blu-ray and the LG 4K UHD 3D TV

Now this is where I was most interested in when I bought the TV, as many of you know from reading Blazing Minds I love movies and especially those in 3D, so it was time to check out a movie that I loved in the cinema in 3D and one that had some great sequences, That movie was Dredd! I put in the Blu-ray, started it up and the TV automatically recognised the 3D signal, I donned the 3D glasses which are almost the same as those you get in the cinemas and sat back for the film.

Dredd - Karl Urban


The 3D on the TV is great, even in the darker section of the movie, where sometimes in the cinema the screen seems flat, had no problem giving the depth that the movie is supposed to have. Those key scenes I was talking about earlier, well they were amazing, those scenes were the slo-mo sections of Dredd, the moments where the film slows right down and the 3D just pops!

With the movie looking good, I went onto Prometheus in 3D, yet again the movie has great depth and clarity on the LG, two out of two wasn’t bad, how about a third! Underworld Awakening, another movie  I loved in 3D at the cinema, again this movie worked extreme well on the LG.

A quick move back to the Sky box to download a 3D movie from their 3D section and Ant-Man also worked well, the screen splits into two at which point you have to tell the TV which version of 3D you are watching, but again clear and full of depth.

2D to 3D Conversion

Not something I considered with the TV was the option to watch a 2D broadcast in 3D, this is something that doesn’t work as well as a 3D Blu-ray etc, but depending on how the show/film is framed and shot, sometimes you do get a slight 3D effect, probably not something that I will use very often, but it is there to use depending on the mood!

Smart TV!

So if having 3D wasn’t enough the LG also comes with Web OS, giving the TV the ability to be more than just a TV. This allows you to surf the net with a rather fast browser (with a nice option of having the TV picture in the corner of the screen, so you can surf and watch your fave show at the same time), along with this are several LG Apps that you can use bringing you Youtube, iPlayer, ITV Hub, Amazon, Netflix and more. So if you haven’t got Sky etc. Don’t worry, you can stream via the TV that you can connect via WiFI to your broadband, oh and it also has Freeview as well!!

Overall Thoughts of the LG 4K UHD 3D TV

The picture quality is superb, both in 2D and 3D, there are the odd occasions with slight pixelation but by changing one of the many settings on the TV this can be dramatically reduced. The sound is rich, so if you haven’t got 5.1 or a soundbar then don’t worry, the LG doesn’t have a cheap sound to the speakers.

For me on a personal note, moving up from HD ready to the LG has been a step worth taking, I’m not sure how long the 3D models will be available, but it was certainly worth going for this one, I grabbed mine online via Currys for £649, well worth it in my humble opinion.

LG 49UH850V Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD HDR 49" LED TV Ratings
  • Ease of Use
  • Image Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Value for Money
Karen Woodham
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