BenQ W1050 Projector – Tech Review

There comes a time when the 49inch TV just isn’t big enough, so when BenQ sent over their W1050 projector for me to check out, you can imagine that there was much rejoicing as I’m a big movie lover and the bigger the screen to view a movie the better and according to the blurb, the BenQ W1050 will go up to 100 inches, perfect for watching those big Hollywood blockbusters on.

My first thought was, would it be easy to set up, well there were no worries there, I set it up via the laptop first via the PC to Projector lead that came in the box, upon first set up you get the display setting for how you have the BenQ W1050 positioned, such as close to the wall, low down, close to the wall on the ceiling or far away. Then whether the projector is at an angle, so that you can straighten the screen.

BenQ W1050 connected to a Laptop.

BenQ W1050 connected to a Laptop.

So once the set up was complete it was time to check out the viewing of the BenQ W1050, I projected the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War on a white wall, but don’t worry there are options in the settings to change for the wall that you may be projecting on, with the projector set u I was able to get the projected screen to 88 inches, after carefully tweaking the focus wheel on the W1050 I got the image to my liking with crisp lines etc.

BenQ W1050 Projecting at a size of 88 Inches

BenQ W1050 Projecting at a size of 88 Inches

Now I know that the image above really doesn’t show off the pure quality of the BenQ W1050, but this is projected on a white wall, a width of 88 inches and set to use the BenQ Cinematic Color™ Technology that gives the colours a vibrant tone, but still giving the image a good crisp look with lines that are lovely and clear and colours that just “pop”, which certainly makes you feel as if you are at the cinema.

Watching a movie with accurate colour really matters when it comes to watching a movie, you don’t want the skin tones to be way off that faces just don’t look right and you also don’t other parts of a movie either looking washed out or just too over vibrant with colour bleed, and you get none of that with the projector.

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I was really surprised that such a small-ish piece of kit could throw out such an amazing looking picture and at 88 inches on the wall, it still looks superb, certainly an image that movie lovers will want and enjoy.

As I mentioned briefly above, setting up the BenQ W1050 was really easy, upon first powering up you are greeted with the simple to follow set up screens to get you up and running, of course changing your settings after is easily done by either the buttons on the top of the projector or via the remote control that is supplied with the system.

Sound with the BenQ W1050

When it comes to sound for the system, there are several options, if you are connecting up to a laptop you could use external speakers that you can plug into the back via the audio in and out sockets, or if like me you connect up via combined Blu-ray/Surround Sound system you can use that by plugin in the system to one of the two HDMI sockets on the projector.

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With the BenQ W1050 up and running the internal fan isn’t that bad, it’s there to keep the lamp in the projector cool an to give you ample time to watch a movie or two, the projector comes with a shut-off system to protect the lamp and the circuitry from heat failure. Giving an extended life to the projector for hours and hours of movie/TV watching.

The true colours that you get from BenQ via its Cinematic Color look amazing and this has to be one of the better projectors that I have seen over the years. This is certainly a piece of kit that performs to very high standards and produces visually delightful images for any movie lover to watch for many hours.

The BenQ W1050 Projector is available from Amazon and other stockists.

BenQ W1050 Tech Review
Benq W1050 Projector Front View

Product Name: BenQ W1050 Projector

Product Description: Enjoy 1080p Full-HD image projection up to 100 inches in the comfort of your living room with the W1050 home entertainment projector. You'll be captivated by theater-like image performance featuring a over 96 per cent coverage of Rec.709 with BenQ CinematicColour technology and 15000:1 contrast ratio. Well designed for easy and flexible setup brings user-friendly experience.

Price: 419.00

Currency: £

  • Ease of Use
  • Image Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Value for Money


A nice bit of kit, that produces amazing looking colours and crisp edges when watching movies, the projector also comes with the benefit of projecting in 3D as well, so a must for 3D movie fans.



  • Great quality build
  • Crisp Image Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Remote Control supplied with batteries
  • PC to Projector Cable Supplied


  • Slightly noisy fan
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