Joanna is honoured to be a Wish Ambassador for a charity called Autism Wishes. They raise money to grant wishes to children and adults with Autism, to help make a difference to their lives. They also support projects that promote the betterness and well-being of those with Autism.

Joanna and her friend Yvonne have decided to take part in a sponsored shark dive at the Blue Planet Aquarium, a date will be set for the next couple of months for the charity dive, so the time has come for both of them to raise £500 to do the dive for the Autism Wishes charity.

It’s certainly very brave of both of them to go in to the water with the sharks and here at Blazing Minds we wish them lots of luck in their quest to raise funds, Joanna and Yvonne’s Sponsored Shark Dive at the Blue Planet Aquarium.

Blue Planet Aquarium
Joanna and Yvonne are doing a shark dive at the Blue Planet Aquarium for Autism Wishes because they want to make wishes a reality, if you would like to help them raise the funds for Autism Wishes, then you can easily do it by visiting their Just Giving page at and donating any amount how big or small that you can manage to help them hit their £500 target.

Good luck ladies and please keep us up to date on how the fund-raising is going. Don’t forget to share this page on the social networks via the sharing buttons dear readers, let’s get this post out to as many people as we can so that we can help Joanna and Yvonne hit that target for Autism Wishes.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham