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The fashion of Twin Peaks: why David Lynch’s TV show is back in style

Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne in the original Twin Peaks. Sky Catherine Spooner, Lancaster University Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s iconic TV series, is returning to our screens after it went missing for

Are movies a good way to learn history?

Daniel Day-Lewis won the 2012 Academy Award for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. Is Spielberg’s historical drama a good way to learn about the 16th U.S. president? Touchstone Pictures   Scott Alan

A Star is Born – Brightest breakout performances from young stars

Every actor in Hollywood has a time where they’re in search of their ‘big break’. Some take longer than others, but it only takes one key role to thrust actors into stardom

Best of Michelle Williams feat Manchester By The Sea

Michelle Williams has come a long way since her portrayal of the young and impressionable Jen Lindley on Dawson’s Creek. The teen drama would be her breakout role, but it was after

Top 5 Articles That You’ve Been Reading This Week

Good morning dear readers, now it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Top 5 Articles posts here on Blazing Minds, but I’ve had a few people messaging me asking to see

April Movie Preview with Leigh A. Jones

April is here and with that, it’s a whole new slate of movies! And we are officially in the weird slump that happens in between award season and the summer box office

Lacie Launches #PUSHPLAY Competition to Discover the Best Undiscovered Film Talent

LACIE LAUNCHES #PUSHPLAY COMPETITION TO DISCOVER THE BEST UNDISCOVERED FILM TALENT IN THE CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRY £10,000 production suite and mentor session with Oscar winner, Michael Paleodimos up for grabs You may

10 Ape Movies to Go Bananas Over!

With Kong: Skull Island currently in UK Cinemas, we thought we would take a look at some of the movies over the years that have had people going ape over! The producers

See 9 Oscar Nominees as Pop-art to Commemorate Andy Warhol

With Oscar day heading our way this weekend we are getting ready to do our yearly live tweeting and website updating through the early hours to bring you news on the winners

Southern Fury / Arsenal – 9 Movies That Changed Their Titles!

We take a look at a collection of 9 movies, including Southern Fury, that have had title changes for one reason or another. Over the years Hollywood has become littered with trivial stories

Kurt Russell – From Plissken to Harrell, a 7 Movie Retrospective

Kurt Russell is amazing. That’s all there really is to it, quite frankly. Hell, he’s so cool that when he gets cast in a Marvel superhero movie they decide he’s not going

Anthropoid – The History Behind the Film

You may have seen the giveaway that we recently ran for Anthropoid, so today we thought we would look into the real-life story that the movie is based upon. Starring Jamie Dornan (Fifty