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Southern Fury / Arsenal – 9 Movies That Changed Their Titles!

We take a look at a collection of 9 movies, including Southern Fury, that have had title changes for one reason or another. Over the years Hollywood has become littered with trivial stories

Kurt Russell – From Plissken to Harrell, a 7 Movie Retrospective

Kurt Russell is amazing. That’s all there really is to it, quite frankly. Hell, he’s so cool that when he gets cast in a Marvel superhero movie they decide he’s not going

Anthropoid – The History Behind the Film

You may have seen the giveaway that we recently ran for Anthropoid, so today we thought we would look into the real-life story that the movie is based upon. Starring Jamie Dornan (Fifty

7 of The Best Movies Starring Jeff Bridges!

One of Hollywood’s most recognisable faces, we look at the man behind some of film’s most iconic roles, including The Big Lebowski and Crazy Heart. Jeff Bridges seems to have been around

20 Movies That Were Surprisingly Released 20 Years Ago!

It really makes you feel old when you realise that one of your favourite movies was surprisingly released 20 years ago, it’s amazing how time flies by so quickly. So to celebrate 20

January 2017 Movies Preview with Leigh Jones and Blazing Minds

Greetings Readers! A new feature I’m hoping to do here is a monthly preview of the upcoming films for that month. And it all starts here! January 2017! 2016 is so last

Merry Christmas from Blazing Minds

Good morning everyone, just a quick post today from all the team here at Blazing Minds to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas. It’s been a very busy year and

Taking a Look at 6 Magical Kids on the Big Screen

Screens both silver and small are awash with magic these days. From Gandalf to Dumbledore and with every shade, flavour and variety of magic on show, there’s never been a better time

An Outing to the Cinema and RealD 3D Can Help your Child’s Concentration

With so much going on these days, it’s no wonder that children can get distracted so easily, from the games on their mobile phones to them staring at their social media updates

The Horrors That Really Happened – Own The Conjuring 2 on Blu-rayTM & DVD October 17

Not all horror stories are purely make-believe, some of the most haunting and iconic horror movies of all time have very real roots… In 1949, a mere child broke through bed restraints,

The Most Sinister DC Characters

Own Lucifer: The Complete First Season from October 17 There are some characters within the DC universe that are bad to the core, with questionable motives and some of the darkest personalities,

Our Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Ah, Halloween, you’ve got to love it, the dark nights are well are truly settled in, the wind is rattling around the garden and there are plenty of spooky looking shadows lurking