I tell you what folks, things are getting really busy here at Blazing Minds lately, since winning the National UK Blog Award we have been rushed off our feet, but we wanted to bring you a great little chat we had with Dean Martin aka Wayne Kennedy of the Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Show that is coming to the Rhyl Pavilion on the 16th July.

So please sit back and enjoy the interview and I just know that after this you will be wanting to book your tickets to see the show.

Blazing Minds Interviews Dean Martin from The Rat Pack

Hi Wayne, so how did it all come about?

September 2002 I did his first Rat Pack solo gig at Peggy’s Bar in Burton on Trent Staffordshire England to a very enthusiastic audience of 11! Hopefully crowds could only get bigger and thankfully they surely did.

How big is the show now?

There are now 26 people working on the show and we do approx 100 concerts per year.

Wow that’s brilliant, what can the audience expect?

As the name suggests, hopefully it will be spectacular It is all totally live both musically and vocally (no West End backing tracks to sing or play to) Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis will be conducting proceedings Musicians are a show band and always join in the fun Touch of glamour added with ‘The Fabulous Las Vegas Showgirls’ who perform something in the region of 13 costume changes as well as joining in the fun too!

What type and age of audience usually attend your concerts?

That is an interesting question as the age group never ceases to amaze me – since the likes of Robbie Williams and Westlife etc brought these songs to a younger audience – it’s great to see a real mixture of ages. No bad language Rat Pack must be the only genre of music that is cool for 18 yr olds and 80 yr olds

What songs are the audience likely to hear during the Vegas Spectacular?

All the classics! Come Fly with Me, Mr Bojangles, Mack the Knife, Fly Me to the Moon, Sway, Under My Skin, Volare and many more favourites.

Why do you think The Rat Pack are still so popular all over the world?

Still the coolest! – and that aura of class and style continues to shine above all others. Countries performed in so far. England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, USA, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic, Abu Dhabi

Over the years what has been the most interesting show you have done?

Possibly Abu Dhabi – Dean Martin walked off the end of the stage and fell 2m to the floor!

Ouch!!! And on that rather awful moment, I have to say thank you for chatting with us here at Blazing Minds and I’m looking forward to catching the show at the Rhyl Pavilion on the 16th July.

You can call the Rhyl Pavilion for tickets on their box office telephone number 01745 33 00 00 or book online via their website www.rhylpavilion.co.uk.

If you would like more information on the Rat Pack Vegas show then check out their website www.ratpack.biz.

Karen Woodham
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