Eating Robots and Other Stories – Book Review

It’s been a while since I brought you a book review so today I’m bringing you my thoughts on the book Eating Robots and Other Stories by Stephen Oram.

Stephen Oram writes thought provoking stories that mix science fiction with social comment, mainly in a recognisable near-future. As the Author in Residence at Virtual Futures 2016, once described by ‘The Guardian’ as “the Glastonbury of cyberculture”, Oram was one of the creators of the Near-Future Fictions series. As a teenager, he was heavily influenced by the ethos of punk. In his early twenties, he embraced the squatter scene and was part of a religious cult, briefly. He did some computer stuff in what became London’s silicon roundabout and is now a civil servant with a gentle attraction to anarchism. He has published two novels, ‘Quantum Confessions’ and ‘Fluence’, and several shorter pieces.

Eating Robots and Other Stories contains thirty, yes thirty, short stories exploring where the age of technology may be taking the human race. Stephen is one of the leading lights in British sci0fi tech culture, in 2016 he was Author in Residence at Virtual Futures, Stephen often collaborates with scientists for his work and “Eating Robots” came from Stephen working with the Human Brain Project and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

The stories in the book were written to allow people to talk about the subjects in depth and to look at where humanity is heading.

Stephen’s book is certainly one that you can jump into and out of with ease, which the stories in the book being short, the first “Disjointed“, is only a page a quarter long, but it works! Other stories are longer, but none too long that they will take you forever to read, but that being said, once you starting reading the book you really can’t put it down.

After reading Eating Robots and Other Stories I actually found myself going back to the book and reading some of the short stories again, it’s a book that even none Sci-Fi fans can pick up and enjoy with its utopian dreams and twisted realities, this is book that the stories stick in your mind and make you think about the world and which direction we may be heading with our reliabilities on technology.

Eating Robots will be available at all good bookshops and online outlets in paperback and ebook. More information can be found about Stephen Oram at

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham