In 1981 the amazing, jaw dropping and cult movie, Evil Dead starring the now legendary Bruce Campbell was released, 32 years after its release, the film gets a Hollywood remake/reboot.

Now I do have to point out, I’m a fan of all the Evil Dead movies and a fan of Bruce Campbell, so I had doubts about a remake of a film that is in pride of place in my film collection and the lack of “The Chin” in the movie, made me doubt it even more.

How can you have the Evil Dead without Bruce Campbell?

The remake of the Evil Dead does follow the original to some points, with some very nice homages to certain scenes that we have all come to love, such as the evil moving through the trees and the wood shed!

So five twenty year-olds travel to the cabin in the woods in an attempt to help David’s (Shiloh Fernandez) sister (Jane Levy) to kick her drug habit by taking the drugs away and making her go cold turkey.

Evil Dead 2013

But unknown to them something Evil is in the cellar, something that wants their souls so that it can escape from the pits of hell, we all know what that is don’t, all together now, Deadites!

The teenagers find the Book Of The Dead and as we know you must not read, write or say the words out loud, but in true horror fashion someone has to.

Evil Dead Blood, Gore and a Strange Delight

One thing that I did notice even before seeing the Evil Dead was the age rating, an 18, it’s about time we had a horror that is an 18 none of these 15 rated mores are any good.

So you know that the blood is going to flow and the gore with it and Evil Dead doesn’t let you down, there is gallons of the stuff and the gore is so well done, there were a few people cringing at the site of some of the special effects.

Evil Dead 2013

Remember Ash’s hand in the original Evil Dead, then times the gore by 10 and you know what I’m talking about.

There are several changes to the storyline in this version of the Evil Dead, which isn’t a bad thing, it actually helps it to be quite enjoyable, if you can say that about a horror, the premise is there from the original and as I mentioned earlier certain scenes are very reminiscent of the original.

With Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell on board as executive producers you just know that they hadn’t given complete control of their baby over to director NAME HERE and this is probably why this new version still feels like an Evil Dead movie and not just because of its title.

Evil Dead – Memories of 1981

Without giving anything away, look for certain things in this new version, such as the grandfather clock, the now famous ode’s mobile, which has been in the majority, if not all, of Sam Raimi’s films.

If you are a fan of the original, you may notice other things as well, which will have you wanting to watch it again when you get home from seeing the 2013 version.

Evil Dead – Don’t Leave The Cinema, Wait!

As a lot of you probably know from the internet, Bruce Campbell does make an appearance, but, you will have to sit through the credits to catch him, but this isn’t such a bad thing, as the end credits also include a recording of the professor from the tape machine. Which is a great touch for fans.

See people, if you walked out as soon as the film ended, then you’ve out on that one.

Overall Thoughts For The Evil Dead

I had my doubts about the Evil Dead and they were completely quashed, the film is fun, if not a little blood soaked, it keeps the feeling of the original, it may not be as slap-stick without Bruce, but this is more of a horror movie and it works very well.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham