Olympus Has Fallen

In Olympus Has Fallen Disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers.

There comes a time when there is far too much in the style of CGI movies and 3D gimmicks, so when a film comes along that goes back to those 80s and 90s action movies with pure grunt, it’s a nice refreshing change.

Olympus Has Fallen – But One Man Can Save The Day!

So what we have with Olympus Has Fallen is an action movie that doesn’t really go too far with the storyline, it’s one of those “only one man can save the day” movies and this works in its favour as Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) attempts to save the US President (Aaron Eckhart) after the White House is taken over.

Cue the running around, shooting terrorists, massive explosions and those obligatory one liners that any film such as this should have for its leading actor to have in this genre of movie and you’re ready to go.

Olympus Has Fallen - Gerard Butler

Add in the Presidents son (Finley Jacobson) just to bring in that emotional charged moment of showing that the former Presidential guard, care not only for us country, but also his friend’s son and the film is set for an audience to enjoy.

Also throw in the threat of the United States of America being blasted to kingdom come via their only nuclear arsenal and you give the main hero of the movie a pretty tall order to save the man and the country from being destroyed.

Olympus Has Fallen – Contains Strong Bloody Violence

Now that was the warning on the 15 certificate film before it started and although it’s not as violent and bloody as the Evil Dead (which I recently reviewed), it still had a big body count, which has been said that it is the biggest since “Die Hard II“, which may be true, there certainly was a lot of carnage going around during the movie.

Olympus Has fallen - Attack

Villain Kang (Rick Yune) is great as he shows that he still has it as a villain in the movies, specially since he played Zao in Die Another Day, he’s ruthless and relentless on getting what he wants as he does whatever he can to get what he wants.

I wasn’t over sure of Radha Mitchell in the role of Mike’s wife, but it’s not really that bigger part, so that one can slip.

Olympus Has Falls is an all out action film, it very rarely stops for you to catch your breath before more guns and explosions go off, with a great line up of names such as Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett the film certainly has a cast that you will feel at home with.

Director Antoine Fuqua also has a few popular films to his name including King Arthur, Training Day and Tears Of The Sun, he has done a great job with Olympus Has Fallen bringing in some suspense to what would otherwise be just an all out action movie.

Overall Thoughts For Olympus Has Fallen

It’s not the best action movie in the world, but Olympus Has Fallen is a 2 hour roller coaster ride that is enjoyable to watch, OK it isn’t a film that can make the brain work overtime, but it’s great for a night out for a bit of action.

Rating for Olympus Has Fallen
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham