Exclusive behind the scene pictures to celebrate the release of ‘Dinner Movie 4: Midnight Snack’ available online now

Dinner Movie 4: Midnight Snack (2018)

Director: Aleksandra Svetlichnaya

Writer:  Aleksandra Svetlichnaya

Stars: Nathan Landis Funk, Joshua Kachnycz, Miranda Leiggi, Ricardo Segarra, Aleksandra Svetlichnaya 


Winter solstice may be the shortest day of the year but being as it’s so close to Christmas you can cheer yourself up with a Midnight Snack which is available to view online from today!


Fans of the series will recognise the familiar faces of Nathan Landis Funk, Ricardo Segarra and course Aleksandra Svetlichnaya; along with newcomers to the series Joshua Kachnycz and Miranda Leiggi.



What could possibly go wrong with a planned camping trip? Well, as any horror fan would know, quite a bit. Dylan (Aleksandra Svetlichnaya) discovers this the hard way when Oscar (Joshua Kachnycz) and Stevens (Nathan Landis Funk) trip goes awry, complete with a mysterious artefact and a powerful demonic force. And worst of all – no s’mores.

If you missed Midnight Snack on its festival run or want to watch it again, you it
now online using the link below:


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