With January rushing to a close and February (the coldest month of the year) upon us, now is as great a time as any to get to the cinema and see some good films!

So, as like last month here is our preview video of some of the films hitting wide release this month that we think you should go and check out:

And as with last month, here are my personal opinions of the films mentioned:

Loving: This film looks so heartbreaking but so sweet. Right now the world seems to be constantly running on hatred and anger and I think taking 2 hours or so to watch a film about hope might be worth sometimes.

Rings: February horror films are always great right? It always goes well right? American adaptations on foreign language art always goes well right? Pardon? It doesn’t? huh.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter: Is there a more guilty pleasure franchise going these days? These films are not good and yet we want more. I won’t be rushing out to the cinema to watch it, but I’ll definitely catch it at home with a few beers.

Fifty Shades Darker: The moment for this series has passed. It’s PG porn and I forget they were actually going ahead with making this.

John Wick Chapter 2: John Wick was so smart, so funny, so good and this sequel looks like it’s just gonna amp all that up to 11 and might be the best action film of the year and shut up and let me watch it now

Moonlight: As of writing this I just watched Moonlight. Go see it. It’s a film everyone should see. It’s about a gay black man in Miami and as a straight white man in North Wales this should have been a hard film to relate to but it’s magnificent, some of the most innovative film making in a long time and just go see it it’s so good.

The Lego Batman Movie: The Lego Movie took me by surprise by how good it was and the trailers for this film nearly gave me an asthma attack from laughing. It looks so self-aware and so funny and after the darkness of BvS probably something we need right now to remind us that DC can be fun.

The Founder: This sort of film is right up my alley. It looks smart and snarky and fast. Michael Keaton looks great in it and I just know I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of it.

So, that’s it. Did I miss anything? What are you going to go see this month? Hit me up on Twitter or comment below to discuss!

Leigh Jones

Leigh Jones

Video Editor and film buff. Looking to preserve the world of cinema for future generations