Here at Blazing Minds we were honoured to get our hands on the new album, Frat Party, from our good buddy Thomas Nicholas.

Thomas Nicholas Band has recorded their favourite cover songs from the ‘American Pie’ movie soundtrack albums, Frat Party will be available Feb 3, 2017.

Thom told us “‘FratParty’ is something we came up with after our song, “My Generation” was included on the ‘American Reunion’ soundtrack album. We love the 90’s and we’ve grown up listening to all of these bands. Over the last 8 years, we’ve released 5 original albums, this one is the perfect crossover of my two careers and we were lucky enough to record it at FooFighter’s Studio 606, so making this album was almost as fun as a real ‘frat party’.

Over the years I’ve had the chance of working with Thom on several occasions when he has been here in the UK, the first was back at the Wales Comic Con when he was playing the aftershow, then as a guest at some of his gigs and most recently I was back with Thom during his return to Wales where we caught up for a chat, did the aftershow and I got to do some photography for him and the Straight Jacket Legends of the show.

Thomas Nicholas with Straight Jacket Legends performing at the Wales Comic Con 2016 Aftershow with the Frat Party album

Thomas Nicholas with Straight Jacket Legends performing at the Wales Comic Con 2016 Aftershow

The FratParty album is one that Thom had mentioned to me some time back and so I was really looking forward to checking out the album and listening to his take on the tracks brilliant choice of tracks that he would cover on the album, suffice to say after listening to the album, I’m not disappointed.

The 10 track album features tracks from the “American Pie” years including All The Small ThingsMy Generation and the brilliant Laid. All the tracks on the album are produced extremely well and Thom’s vocals are fantastic on each of the tracks. The band of done a superb job on this release and it is certainly an album that can be played over and over again. Let’s face it, all the tracks on the release are ones that a lot of us already know and love, so we can sing along with the album as it is played LOUD!

Frat Party On The Road

Thom and the band have been on the road with Frat Party and they have been enjoying themselves around the UK, check out them out in Glasgow.

This is an album that is not only awesome to listen to, but it is an album that fans of Thomas Nicholas Band will want to get their hands on, but also fans of the American Pie movies. The Frat Party album has been made thanks to a Pledge Music campaign that Thom and the band have been running, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Living The Dream Foundation. With the news that the band have made the 100% goal, it’s almost time to get your hands on this amazing album and rock out!

You can catch the band on their #FratParty World Tour which will be going across the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. For more information on tour dates and releases then please check out the band’s official website at

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