Thomas Nicholas and Straight Jacket Legends at Central Station

Thomas Nicholas and Straight Jacket Legends Rocked at Central Station

There were two reasons for going to the Wales Comic Con, one was to see the many stars of screen to check out an event, which has eluded me a lot of the time due to other venues, but this time I managed to get to Wrexham and see the stars and crowds of people queuing for a good hour or so to get in.

Once in the fans were making straight to their favorite stars for autographs and fan chats, but me I made may way to find Thomas Nicholas to arrange our night at the after show party, but more of that later 😉

Wales Comic Con

The Wales Comic Con is a brilliant way for films fans to meet the stars, have a chat, get autographs and so much more, the Q & A sessions with the stars from certain shows such as the Q and A with the cast of Game of Thrones, including our very own local lad Spencer Wilding (Cheers for the Autograph for the contest mate, I owe you one), a rather brilliant Q and A session with the cast answering questions from the adoring fans of the show, interesting to see and hear the cast answering questions from the fans and learning that little bit more I depth information on how they get on together during the show.

There were some very interesting questions from the audience, such as about the costumes that are worn in the show as well as how they get on with one another. Suffice to say that all the cast got on extremely well with each other during the Q and A, certainly seems that they enjoy their time together on Game of Thrones.

All in all the Wales Comic Con was another success, may be a bigger venue next year though guys 😉

The After Show Party with Thomas Nicholas and Straight Jacket Legends

Now for me, this is where my adrenalin kicked in, there is nothing better than live bands and to have local lads Straight Jacket Legends with American Pie star Thomas Nicholas on the same bill had me buzzing from the moment I got in to Central Station.

Straight Jacket Legends (live)

Performing live in Wrexham, these guys have so much energy before the show, had a good chat and some laughs with them before thy went on to perform an awesome set, it’s so cool being back stage with a guys that I’ve only known through twitter etc and then to sit with them joining in with conversations of the music biz and listening to their stories is one of the bonuses of my job and I love it.

Performance Is Everything

What can say about Straight Jacket Legends? Well for starters the guys rock! Yep they can seriously get the crowd going wild and they did, their performance at Wrexham was outstanding.

Right from the first track you can hear the passion they have for their music and the crowd loved them and while I was working on this review in the VIP area while they were performing, I found it so hard to do my job, as my foot was tapping, I was singing away to the tracks and at one point I was up on my feet rocking out!

Straight Jacket Legends are certainly a band that you need to see live, they have that stadium feel when they are performing, even at this venue in Wrexham they performed with sheer professionalism.

They will have the fans loving every moment of their shows, those that haven’t heard them before are seriously missing out with their live performances.

If you can see them live, then you won’t be disappointed by their music, performance and stage presence.

Rating the band is so hard, I don’t want to label them with a ranking out of 10 as its so hard to do, but I will say that they are superb, so by that, you can probably imagine my rating would be. They rock!!!

Thomas Nicholas Acoustic Set

I’ve been lucky enough to tweet with Thomas Nicholas (@TINBand) a bit with the build up to the show and earlier in the day I met him at the Wales Comic Con, where we greeted each other like old friends, when I finally met him face to face that he was so down to earth and he thanked me for the RTs etc I’ve done to support his Turn It Up To 11 Tour, it’s so cool when you meet tweeps in the flesh and when they thank you personally for your help 😉

So after talking to Thomas for a while about the evening’s show, I left him to his work at the Comic Con and waited eagerly for the evenings show.

After the Straight Jacket Legends had finished their set Thomas then came out on to the stage area and started his set.

Thomas Nicholas brought us an Acoustic set which was quite amazing, Thomas has an amazing voice and being acoustic set only shows off the vocal range that he has, it shoes talent when you can sit down and produce amazing music with just your guitar and not much else.

Blasting out over the crowd and showing how much of a talent he has for his love of music, what you have seen in the movies is nothing to what Thomas does live in front of an audience, as I mentioned earlier Thomas’ vocal ranges are noticeable when he performs “unplugged”.

Each song he sang was a sheer joy to listen to and he was joined by hand member Matthew to bring us an acoustic version of his EP, outstanding performance.

You’ve got another fan here Thomas 😉

Rocking Out With Thomas Nicholas Band

So after the amazing acoustic session, Thomas and Matthew were joined by a couple of the Straight Jacket Legends, what can I say, but amazing, finishing off with a session that had everyone enjoying the night and the music, the night was a huge amount of fun and the both Straight Jacket Legends and Thomas Nicholas were amazing.

I’m also grateful that they allowed me to join in, not only allowing us to review the show and take exclusive photos, but also allowing us access to the VIP area to get to know them all a lot more and to get into the flow of what turned out to be one hell of a night.

Also special thanks for the signed CDs that both bands gave me for the Blazing Minds Birthday Giveaway, I know there are going to be a lot of fans that will want these 😉

For more details on Thomas Nicholas Band then check out the Twitter (@TINBand) and the Official TINBand website. Straight Jack Legends can also be found on Twitter (@SJLtw) and the Official Straight Jacket Legends website.

Exclusive News Thomas Nicholas Taking Over Blazing Minds!

Yes folks you read that right, very soon, Thomas (@TINBand) will be taking over the Blazing Minds Twitter (@BlazingMinds) as he posts live photos etc from his Manchester Date at Night and Day, I’m so excited over this and I will be tweeting etc just before the Thomas Nicholas Band Twitter Takeover when Thomas will take over to post up some major exclusives 😉

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