Friday Night’s Alright for Live Music and 2 for 1 Cocktails at Hickory’s Smokehouse

When Hickory’s Smokehouse first opened in Rhos we were delighted to be invited to over for the opening and a rather tasty meal, you can find out more about that evening on our food review.

But Hickory’s Smokehouse isn’t just about the food, they also have live music on every Friday night and you get to enjoy a meal, cocktails and be entertained at the same time with a live band.

We popped over to Hickory’s to check out “Live Music Fridays” and also enjoy a meal plus try out some of the cocktails that they have, and a Friday night from 8 pm to 10 pm the cocktails for two for the price of one, so even more of chance to try out something new while eating your meal and listing to a band perform to everyone.

A Taste of Something Different with Hickory’s Cocktails

So I tested out two cocktails and started with the “Pornstar Martini“, a cocktail with a Prosseco shot included with the drink. This cocktail has a kick of pineapple that makes your taste buds want to dance around a bit with a vodka twist that follows and stays on the tip of your tongue to help your palate with the party that is going on in your mouth. The cocktail comes with a shot glass of Prosseco that clears your palate and taste buds ready for the next round of the “Pornstar Martini“. It sounded bizarre to me that you would have a shot of Prosseco with a cocktail, but boy does it work wonderfully with the overall taste sensation of the drink.

Hickory's 2for1 Cocktail - Pornstar Martini

Hickory’s 2for1 Cocktail – Pornstar Martini

The next cocktail was one of the new ones to the Hickory’s drink menu and was recommended to by the staff and I have to say that this one, the “Huckleberry Sour” was my favourite of the cocktails, the vibrant taste of raspberry vodka and the underlying taste of blueberry liqueur that certainly give the cocktail a southern feel, this very moreish cocktail is one that has taste that just excites the palate with each sip through the straw, it’s also one that is pleasent enough to enjoy with your meal without taking away the taste of your food.

Hickory's 2for1 Cocktail - Huckleberry Sour

Hickory’s 2for1 Cocktail – Huckleberry Sour

Mmmmm Food at Hickory’s

I’ve spent many an evening at Hickory’s and the food has always been delicious, but of course, over the years the food has been tweaked and changed in many subtle ways and the menus feature some wonderfully selection of food to enjoy on your night out. My favourite has always been the Burnt Ends for starters, over the years these haven’t changed much, except for the way they are presented, when I first had them they were in a basket, no they are served in a small cast iron pan with a BBQ sauce on the side, but they are still very delicious.

Following those Burnt Ends, I have always gone for the Pulled Pork, this has changed a fair bit over the years, you still have the serving in a Mess Tin with Barbeque Pit beans, gone has the BBQ sauce that used to be in the Mess Tin, but there is Hickory’s BBQ sauce available in the condiments rack on the table, but I’ve recently got into adding the Louisianna Hot Sauce on mine to give it that fiery kick. The Pulled pork comes with Fries and the House Slaw, which has also changed many times over the years and I have to say that the latest house slaw is the one that I’ve liked the most.

And to finish the meal off, the rather delicious S’mores, which are my favourite dessert, a gingerbread biscuit base, with a layer of chocolate sauce and topped with melted marshmallows, served in hot a cast iron pan to keep everything warm and gooey, mmmmmmm…

Hickory's S'mores

Hickory’s S’mores

Live Music Fridays

At 8 pm, the Neal and Shereen Acoustic Band started their two hours set to entertain Hickory’s customers with their musical delights, I’ve been to venues before where there has been a live band on and they’ve drowned out everyone and everything, but this evening’s entertainment was a joy to listen to, they could be heard over the chatter and laughter of the customers, but they didn’t overpower the evening. The sound levels were spot on, the sound system in Hickory’s is utilised so that all areas of the venue can hear the music, even outside, so great for those that were outside in the covered area.

The Neal and Shereen Acoustic Band put on a stellar performance with amazing vocals and acoustic sets, bring a great selection of songs that were covered in their unique style, they performed lots of very popular tracks from many much-loved bands including ABBA, which was great as I’d only seen Mamma Mia! a few nights before, they also did a fantastic acoustic version of The Verve’s Lucky Man, which had me reminiscing back to the time saw The Verve live at Wigan Haigh Hall back in 1998.

I have to say that the night at Hickory’s over at Rhos on Sea was another amazing night, the food was up to its high standards, the cocktails were absolutely delicious, the staff we as polite and helpful as always with advice on the menu items and the cocktails, and the band were a pure joy to listen to while having a meal. So I would really recommend the Live Music evenings that are on Friday nights, a great night out.

Check out more of the events at Hickory’s over on their website at



Spending an evening at Hickory’s Smokehouse at Rhos On Sea for the Live Music night was a pure joy, great food, brilliant offer with 2 for 1 cocktails and an amazing band to accompany the guests during the evening, couldn’t fault the night.

Karen Woodham
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