In Ghost Nets, Jack (Bruce Lawrence), his partner, Matilda (Charlotte Mounter) and his brother, Neal (Joe Sowerbutts) seek a surfer’s quiet getaway, at a deserted beach. What they discover on that beach has the potential to change their lives forever.

Mark Bousfield is a successful independent filmmaker whose previous films have screened at Cannes and Edinburgh and is the writer and director of Ghost Nets. Bousfield raised the funds through Kickstarter, a crowd funding website which helped fund hit television series Veronica Mars (Rob Thomas, 2004 – 2007) and is currently raising funds for Spike Lee’s new project, The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint. Ghost Nets has since been submitted to film festivals of Edinburgh, Port Townsend and Atlanta Shortsfest.

Ghost Nets Still 2

Ghost Nets was shot on the coast of Kent, at Joss Bay, a beautiful location that provides entrancing visuals throughout the film. The camerawork (Duncan Wright) and cinematography (Jordan Ford) capture the beauty, of the environment.

Close ups of the various rock formations along the shore and long shots of labyrinthine cliff-faces that surround the beach with stone corridors leading to the wide, lonely expanse of ocean impress its isolation and mystery.

Ghost Nets Still

Ghost Nets – A Thrilling Tale of Mystery

The narrative is a thrilling tale of mystery and the dynamics of family relations. The two brothers share an uncomfortable relationship, each bearing a dislike toward the other and the discovery they make only increases the strain and sense of loathing between them.

Information concerning the details of the discovery and the histories and relationships between the characters is gradually fed to the audience as the narrative progresses, setting an interesting and suspenseful pace to the film. The editing by Roberto Nicastro sets the tone perfectly. The long takes allow the audience to experience the landscape and get a true impression of the characters. The bleakness anticipates a sense of foreboding.

Ghost Nets Behind the Scenes

Ghost Nets is an alluring film that successfully holds its audience’s interest with its enigmatic narrative and truly beautiful visuals. The only drawback is the short length of the film (27mins).

At the point where tension is really building and excitement peaks, the story ends. A feature length version of this visually stunning film would enable Bousfield to expand upon the characters, theme and plot.

Susanne Hodder

Susanne Hodder

Susanne Hodder, better known as Sue is a film reviewer from North Wales with an academic background and a first class honors degree in film studies. Also a keen filmmaker, Sue has helped produce a number of short films as part of a creative team. She also undertakes independent projects, shooting and editing her own wildlife documentary shorts and photographs.
Susanne Hodder