The Lost Tree Starring Thomas Nicholas – Preview Review

The Lost Tree follows the story of Noah (played by Thomas Ian Nicholas), after a serious traumatic accident, Noah leaves his old life behind him and moves to an isolated cabin to start over, but the cabin has a past that will come to haunt Noah.

With a slow but steady start, The Lost Tree is certainly one of those movies that grows on you, OK it may not be at the standard of the big Hollywood blockbusters that we are used to seeing these days, but it still manages to keep you interested in the storyline and what happened in the mysterious cabin.

Noah makes a snap decision to take the cabin and heads to meet the letting agent, played by Scott Grimes, who won’t even go near the place and informs Noah that the previous up and left leaving all their belongings there, never a good thing to hear!

The Lost Tree Cabin

As the film moves along we see Noah going through his grieving process and the loneliness of the cabin, with glimmers of Emma his wife (played by Clare Kramer), he seems that he just can’t let go of her and get on with his life.

Add to the mix, the mysterious and foreboding, Lost Tree, that has a connection to not only the cabin and his past but also to Noah, but the closer he tries to get to it the more he is pushed away.

The Lost Tree - Thom Running

There are some great special effects with the scenes with the tree such as the plague of flies and later crows that swoop out of the tree like a dark cloud of death to stop Noah from getting to the tree and discovering the truth.

The Lost Tree, is a movie that I would describe as starting off as a drama, mixing in some moments of unnerving shocks, not so much horror more a case of “now you wasn’t expecting that was you!” and then adding a pinch of thriller to concoct an enjoyable ride through the 104 min running time.

The Lost Tree Thomas Nicholas

Nathaniel Levisay’s soundtrack also adds to the ambience of The Lost Tree, in parts it has a melancholy feel that suits the scenes and shows feeling towards not only the characters but also to the atmosphere of the film.

Director, Brian A. Metcalf, has done a great job pulling in a great cast which includes Michael Madsen (Kill Bill) who plays Noah’s father, Lacey Chabert plays Noah’s best friend and co-worker and Scott Grimes (American Dan, Family Guy) the real estate agent.

The Lost Tree - House - Moon Shot

There are those few moments with a slightly out of focus camera and some scenes where the audio just seems a little off, but these moments really didn’t distract me from the movie itself and from the start to the end I thoroughly enjoyed The Lost Tree.

The Lost Tree is now available on DVD from Amazon and Target.




A melancholy feel that suits the scenes and shows feeling towards not only the characters but also to the atmosphere of the film

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