The classic rag-to-riches story, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, gets another adaptation to the big screen this time starring Helena Bonham Carter, Jeremy Irvine, Robbie Coltrane and Ralph Fiennes.

It’s a change to see a period drama on the big screen in this day and age of 3D, action movies and films that generally take you on a massive roller coaster ride through the movie.

The thing with Great Expectations is that the majority of people know the story, let’s face it you’ve probably seen a version on your screens nearly every Christmas and the story of young Pips journey.

Great Expectations (2012)

A young orphan, Pip, is sent to live with his sister and when he is older he becomes a gentlemen with the help of a mysterious benefactor.

Great Expectations Blazing Minds Film Review

So the big question I had on my mind, was what will make this version of Great Expectations any different that other adaptations that have been and gone!

The production of Great Expectations is nicely done, Helena Bonham Carter is ideal as Miss Havisham, with her bizarre staring eyes and slightly crazed look as the jilted bride.

I do have to say that Great Expectations has always been one of my favorite Charles Dickens books, I love the twist of the story as it unfolds over the years that young Pip (Jeremy Irvine) goes from living with his sister and her Blacksmith husband to being a gentleman in London and the secret that has been hidden from him over the years.

OK, Great Expectations isn’t going to go don with a lot of the younger audiences as it is a period drama, but it is so nicely done, with a great cast and a rather interesting soundtrack, although it has to be said that Harry Potter fans will recognize a lot of the cast from the Potter films in Great Expectations, such as Ralph Fiennes, Robbie Coltrane and Helena Bonham Carter.

Hopefully this new adaptation of the rags-to-riches Dickens classic will bring a new generation to the book and the film, it’s an enjoyable film to watch and is one that has you gripped throughout the film with you wanting to know about Pip and how is life is going to turn out.

Overall Thoughts Of Great Expectations

A nicely done adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, far lighter and enjoyable than the David Lean version from the 40’s. A brilliant cast and a change from most of the films released these days. Go see this if you enjoy period dramas or would like to see something different for a change.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham