Some time back I saw the trailer for The Grey and just couldn’t wait to get the chance to see the new movie starring Liam Neeson, so the other night I popped in to @ApolloCinemas Rhyl for my weekly dose of movie viewing to check out the movie.

So here we find Liam Neeson and a bunch of oil-rig workers surviving after a horrific plane crash, as if that wasn’t bad enough they now have to contend with not only the cold but also from the threat of a pack of wolves hell-bent on protecting their territory.

The Grey – Movie Review

The Grey

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Now a note to anyone expecting this film to be an all out action packed non-stop moive, it isn’t, yes there are those fast paced, heart pounding moments in The Grey, but it is fairly slow-paced and upon leaving the cinema I did hear a few people saying that is was “too slow”, “there wasn’t enough action” and “they preferred Taken!”

The Grey isn’t meant to be an all balls out action movie, it’s more of a journey, yes there is a lot of narrative around the camp fires, but for me this only built on the characters that we were slowly getting introduced to as they are viciously picked off in some really gruesome ways. The story, based on a short story “Ghost Walker” by the co-writer Ian Mackenzie Jeffers, is not going to appeal to everyone in this action packed, sci-fi age of movies, but it’s gripping all the same.

Agree Or Disagree About The Grey

I know there are those that will totally disagree with this review and my thoughts, but for me, The Grey is a film that can be enjoyed in its style and production values, CGI, real and animatronic wolves are used extremely well as are the superb scenery and camera work, show he fast emptiness that the survivors must navigate to try to find safe haven from the wolves. Even the 7.1 surround sound gave you a feeling of being in the snow storms and being completely traps from all sides from the bone chilling winds.

Ok, some may find it boring, but not every film has to be so fast that you can’t keep up with what’s going on, isn’t it nice just to take things a little easy for a while, look at the scenery, get engulfed in the conversation and then get the shock of your life as the peace and tranquillity is shattered by a massive wolf chomping down on human flesh!!!

I personally loved every minute of The Grey and can’ wait for it to come out on DVD so I can see it again.

So my overall rating for The Grey has to be 8.5/10.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham