A Monster In Paris – Charming, Fun and Enjoyable – Review

So there I was the other night Tweeting and Facebooking as I do most of the time, when one of my friends from the cinema asked me if I fancied going and seeing A Monster In Paris, how could I resist, I do love a good animated movie and this did look quite charming from the trailers that I had seen.

A Monster In Paris – Review

Based in Paris during the great flood on 1910, a monster, created by two bumbling friends while delivering to a scientists address, is let loose on Paris, but his love for music and his Jazz playing guitar brings him to nightclub singer, Lucille (Vanessa Paradis) and so the adventure begins with the mayor trying to capture the Monster, so Lucille, Raoul (Adam Goldberg) and Emille (Jay Harrington) try to save his life.

So here we have a touching film, that was originally released in French and then dubbed in to English for a wider audience and being that the film is CGI, you aren’t really looking for those awkward lip-synced moments, those all the writing in the film is in French, but that’s not a problem.

Review of A Monster in Paris

Now when I originally saw the trailers for A Monster In Paris, the first thing that crossed my mind was that this is a working of The Phantom Of The Opera, how wrong I was!

The film is nicely done and the CGI is lovely, as is the film, I was laughing at parts of the film and thinking to myself, what a lovely film for the kids to see and I bet they would love it, it’s quite fast-paced and they really isn’t a moment when I child could get bored, though they are those moments when little boys will say “Ewwwww they’re kissing”, but that’s part of the charm of the movie 😉

A Monster in Paris (still)

You’re not going to get a Beauty and the Beast style movie here, yes there is a monster, yes there is a beautiful girl and yes there is an evil villain, but the film is in itself very French and charming.

A Monster In Paris – Worth A Viewing?

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the film, both adults and children will enjoy it together as well, it’s charming, fun and extremely enjoyable, so if you are looking to see a film this weekend in your local cinema, then I would certainly recommend A Monster In Paris.

A Monster in Paris is available on 3D Blu-Ray, DVD and Prime Video.

A Monster in Paris - You're not going to get a Beauty and the Beast style movie here, but the film is in itself very French and charming ;)
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham