Honeycrisp – Exclusive Movie Preview/Review

Back in 2016 I brought you a review of Sunset Rock and an interview with director Marc Wilkinson, in that review/interview I mentioned that they had just finished principle photography up in Michigan on their second feature film, Honeycrisp, I’m honoured that SUBURBAN SKIES PICTURES have allowed me to bring you all my thoughts on the new movie.

This new movie premieres at the North by Midwest Film Festival on March 17th and we’ve had the chance to preview the movie before it’s release at the festival. Honeycrisp tells the story of Hannah and Greta Lawton – two estranged sisters with a turbulent past who meet up to clean out their suddenly deceased parents summer cabin and endeavour to either repair or end their relationship while they are at the cabin by the lake.

Coming face to face for the first time in years on the shores of the lake where they once spent their summers, these two young women confront past betrayals, uncover lingering secrets in surrounding woods, and battle with conflicting plans for the future – complicated by the reemergence of an affectionate grape harvester next door and his sword-wielding brother!

Honeycrisp Official Trailer

As with Sunset Rock, Honeycrisp has that Indie film feel to it which works extremely well, it gives the movie that “fly on the wall” sensation as if we are looking in on the two sisters as they rediscover each other during their time at the shores on the lake, which all really adds to the charm of Marc’s second full-length feature.

Honeycrisp is nicely put together and works well throughout the movie, it’s interesting to see the final product that was co-written with the actors during production and filmed on location in the woods of Southeast Michigan, the movie certainly touches on the key moments that it is aiming for and is somewhat funny and heartwarming at the same time.

It’s always great to see an indie film produced that has been put together with the love for the filmmaking and the writing, Marc and his team have brought along another movie that is a delight to watch and makes you think about loss and love of family.

The film stars Heather Call (Grace’s Room) Megan St. John (Thanks a Latte) and introduces Keenan Odenkirk, following in the comedic acting footsteps of his uncle (Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul) as he makes his feature film debut. It was great to see director & producer by Marc Wilkinson in a cameo role in Honeycrisp as well, I really enjoyed the movie and it’s nice to see home-grown movies for a change fro the big Hollywood blockbusters.

We bring you an exclusive preview/review of Marc Wilkinson's second full-length indie feature, Honeycrisp
Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham