So it was the Apollo Saver Tuesday and it was time for me to check out another movie, this week I went to see a bit of SciFi with the movie “In Time“.

Time On Your Hands!

We all know that the concept of time is important to us and that we live to a certain point in our lives and they die! But in the movie “In Time”, time is now the currency and at the age of 25 people stop ageing but only get one more year of life, unless they buy more time and live longer, even for hundreds of years.

Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is running out of time, until he if given 100 years by Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) who has just had enough of being “immortal”, with his avast wealth of time he races to his mother (Olivia Wilde) to give some of this time to keep her alive, but sadly it’s all too much time too late!

So with his 100 years wealth, Will crosses the “time zones” of the city to the richer suburbs and meets Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried), shortly after they are on the run from Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy) a Timekeeper that is trying to enforce the proper use and distribution of time.

The Cost Of Time!

So with all this time going around the cost of living keeps going up, 4 minutes for a coffee and 2 months for a night in a top hotel! All the cost of time is increased in trying to keep the population from growing, but as with everything the rich get more time and the poor die!

My Thoughts Of In Time

Now I wasn’t too sure if Justin Timberlake could carry this off, but for the films sake he did, though sometimes he really wasn’t given the chance to show off that he can act, which he can, while there are certain moments in the film where you do think things seem a little wooden, they are pulled back with the action sequences.

The concept of time as a currency is an interesting one and Andrew Niccol who wrote and directed In Time has conceived an interesting point. But for me, it did seem a little “Logans Run”, the thought of life stopping at a certain age and the chance to get more life. But may be that’s just me.

Although the movie is not plastered with CGI, though the clocks on people’s arms are nicely done, it’s a nice change to see a movie that isn’t a remake, sequel or prequel and it was an enjoyable film to watch.

So if you are after a night out and fancy a little bit of a change from all the remakes going around then this is certainly worth checking out.

Karen Woodham
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