Interview with Death Kiss Actor Robert Bronzi

Death Kiss (2018)

Director: Rene Perez

Writer: Rene Perez

Stars: Robert Bronzi, Daniel Baldwin, Richard Tyson, Eva Hamilton, Stormi Maya

A vigilante with a mysterious past moves into a city that has been infested with crime and terror. He then takes the law into his own hands so that he could save and protect a young mother and her child.

With the DVD release of the action film Death Kiss in the US, I got a chance to ask actor Robert Bronzi a few questions about how he got into film and what we can expect from Death Kiss

This is your second film having worked with writer-director Rene Perez previously on the western From Hell to the Wild West (2017). What was your previous acting experience and how did you make the transition into films?

Robert Bronzi in Cry Havoc

Yes, it is my second of three films with Rene.From Hell to the Wild West (2017) , then Death Kiss and I just recently finished filming Cry Havoc. A sequel in his Playing with Dolls (2015) horror Series. Before working in American Film, I made commercials in Europe and performed in Wild West stunt shows. Most prominently as The Sheriff at FortBravoTexas Hollywood in Spain. This is where many of the Sergio Leone films were made. Here Rene found my picture on a saloon wall and we began working together.

You play The Stranger in the new action film Death Kiss. Can you tell us a bit about what we can expect from the film?

It is the classic tale of a stranger that arrives and takes justice into his own hands.Dispelling the wicked in very violent fashion.  

As an actor you are recognised initially for your uncanny resemblance to Charles Bronson, which is one of the unique selling points for Death Kiss – especially as the film is modelled as an unofficial sequel to the original Death Wish films. This does set a precedence of how the role should be played; as an actor does this make it easier or harder for you?

I was always a huge fan of Charles Bronson ever since I saw his westerns in the cinema as a child. He has always been my biggest inspiration. Many say we look alike, move alike and also acting alike. This make portraying a similar character much easier.

What sort of preparation did you have to do for the role?

Much studying in English. I speak Hungarian and Spanish,but English I have learned more recently. Hard studying of lines and trying to play the character as described.

Behind the scenes Death Kiss Robert Bronzi with Daniel Baldwin and Eva Hamilton

Your character is a man of few words;whose actions speak for themselves. Are there any similarities between yourself and The Stranger?

I enjoy the mystery of that. The classic film approach of the man of few words. I think it translates well on screen, but in real life I like good conversation with good people.

What was your favourite moment whilst filming Death Kiss?

I enjoyed the shoot outs and action scenes. This best fit my live performance and former stunt background. I enjoy chasing the bad guys and engaging in fights. It’s very exciting!

Did you experience any difficulties during filming?  

I could not operate the pistol sometimes during filming. I was wearing these heavy leather gloves and it made difficult to put the new blanks in and close the gun. It looked very awkward at times.

If there was a sequel to Death Kiss,is there anything that you would like to see tackled in the film or have more of in the film?

I like where the film has gone. I trust the judgement of the writer to continue the strangers’ story. I would like to see more of Daniel Baldwin’s character.I think his character would make a great vigilante as well.

Do you have any other projects which you are working on?

Yes. I am very fortunate. I have been cast in a wonderful film called Mat Rats. A sports comedy filming in New Jersey next year. It has kids, pro wrestlers and a very fun script. I play a mysterious former policeman who is a bit of a scary guy. I also, recently finished the Gary Jones film Escape from Death Block 13. An intense prison movie with fighting and shoot outs. A very wild ride indeed.

Behind the scenes ‘Escape from Death Block 13’ by Gary Jones

For anyone who is looking to get into acting themselves what advice would you give them?

I would say it is very hard to get noticed but keep working at it. You have a dream you must follow through. Nothing great ever comes easy.

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