I’ve been a fan of Ivory Tower Project for many years, too many to mention. I first started listening to them around the same time that I was messing around with my own music, heck I even have one of their T-Shirts.

So I was really pleased when I got a message that my Dropbox had some new files from ITP, which was the new album, How Much More? for me to check out. It’s always a joy to hear new material from the band and How Much More? is no exception with a great collection of tracks to listen to.

The group’s greatest victory is its rousing and emotive latest album; ‘How Much More?’. It’s an album that bids farewell to a key collaborator, co-founder and dear friend while it also welcomes a new era as Ivory Tower Project gears up for more recordings and fresh creative partnerships.

Ivory Tower Project will be releasing a single from the new album on the 13th September featuring the title track and My Name (DJ Distortion Remix), so I’m going to focus on these two tracks as a teaser to the album.

“For me, the name Ivory Tower always conveyed a feeling of escapism,” reveals singer, songwriter, co-founder and multi-instrumentalist Mark Regula. “The music has been where my heart and mind can live when everything around me goes wrong. It’s been my savior.”

Ivory Tower Project – How Much More?

The title track from the forthcoming album opens with a piano accompanied by a dreamy guitar which leads to the vocals that build up the track before it ramps up with a 70s/80s classic pop/rock feel that ties in beautifully with the lyrics.

How Much More? is certainly a track that has been well produced with love for the sound that fans of ITP have come to love over the years that they have been producing some brilliant tracks. This track is certainly one that opens up the albums and sets you up for the rest of the tracks to enjoy.

My Name (DJ Distortion Remix)

Wow there! How different is this remix to Ivory Tower Projects other tracks? It’s very different and for those that have heard the original mix, you’ll be very surprised by the direction the mix takes.

The DJ Distortion Remix is a track that really wouldn’t sound out of place in a local night club. It could be easily mixed seamlessly into a DJ set with other tracks, it has that rave feel to it.

I have to admit, I didn’t think that My Name could get a mix like this, but believe me when I say it certainly works and it works extremely well. Again the track has great production and has the brilliant sound quality to bring the track to life.

Ivory Tower Project’s New Album

Ivory Tower Project specialises in the majestic power rock of the 1970s and early 1980s. The songs burst with stirring vocal melodies, soaring vocal harmonies, polished musicianship, heartfelt lyrics, and imaginative arrangements.

The band is part of a new breed of classic rock purists preserving the traditions set forth by masters such as 1970s Styx, Queen, Bread, and Boston. ITP has garnered praise from a variety of sources, including The Entertainment Bank, The Ripple Effect, Mossip, Indie-Music.Com, and Boom Boom Chick, among others.

The group’s debut: 2008’s ‘Red Hot’ (Guerilla Records), has received rave reviews and airplay on over 580 radio stations in 32 countries.

As I mentioned earlier the new album out now and it’s a joy to listen to, the album is now available to download.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham