Many of you who read Blazing Minds on a regular basis will have seen that we covered Wheatus when they came to Holyhead last year, this year they are returning and the band starting their show are Late Cambrian and we’ve been lucky to grab a copy of their new album, Golden Time.

So on to the album, I uploaded the 9 tracks on to my iPod so that I could listen to them on the go.

From the first few moments of the first track, I was thinking this is going to be an album I’m going to loved and I wasn’t wrong, the opening track from the album, “Throwing Shade”, is brilliant.

It’s not very often that an album comes through to me and I like all the tracks on it, but Golden Time is certainly an exception to the rule, each track had me wanting to skip back and listen to it again and again, so you can imagine that all 9 tracks.

The album moves from track to track with a wonderful flow of well crafted lyrics accompanied by the talented sounds of the concise and well performed music that work together perfectly throughout the albums tracks.

Late Cambrian have done an amazing job with Golden Time, here at Blazing Minds its been playing loads and everyone is loving it, not only that, I will get the chance to meet the band when they come to Holyhead to perform with Wheatus, just how much better could it get, a great album followed by seeing them perform live as well.

So our recommendation is to grab a copy of the album, which is out in November and play it loads, it’s a superb listen, by an extremely talented band. It’s very hard to pick out a favourite track from the 9, but I would have to go with Throwing Shade, just love way the track flows, but then again track 2, Golden Time, is also awesome, oh heck, it’s hard to choose!

Golden Time Tracklist:

  1. Throwing Shade
  2. Golden Time
  3. Illamasqua
  4. Game Show
  5. Now
  6. Objetcs
  7. DYBIL
  8. Montauk
  9. Shiny Cars

If you like what you have heard you can Pre-order Late Cambrian’s Golden Time ready for its November release.

Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds. She is also a Cinema reviewer, based at the Scala in Prestatyn and also works with RealD 3D reviewing the latest 3D releases, she has also had several articles published in various publications. In 2015 she became an Award Winning Blogger and also has her website listed as one of the UK's Top 10 Film Blogs.
Karen Woodham