Wheatus Tour – Live at the Ucheldre Centre [2013]

Wheatus are one of those bands that I have always wanted to catch live, so when the chance came to cover their gig at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead, I just couldn’t say no.

The Ventura Project

Starting the evening off was Ventura Project, performing to roars of support from the now packed Ucheldre Centre, the duo is certainly a band to check out, their vocals and bass lines are heart pounding.

Joey and Matthew work extremely well together and even though this was their first performance on stage with each other they came across that they were loving every moment of their performance and the audience was loving every minute.

Find out more about The Ventura Project by clicking here.

Gabrielle Sterbenz

Starting off with a rather subtle and delicate sounding French song, leading on to a couple off tracks that were very soothing and dare I say relaxing, but lovely vocals from Gabrielle, with a lack of percussion the songs were a delight to listen to.

To be honest its always nice to have some artists with some tracks that are slower, that way when the main acts come on they send the crowd wild and that’s when you can certainly feel the atmosphere rocket and the audience always love it.

Gabrielle certainly has a fantastic voice and as she was performing without percussion, drums etc, her voice shined throughout her performance and was a complete joy to listen to.

Find out more about Gabrielle by clicking here to visit her website.

MC Lars


OK folks now most of you will know that I’ve seen MC Lars before when I did the last Straight Jacket Legends gig, so I knew what was coming, but did I!

Those that remember my earlier review of MC Lars will remember I didn’t like the rambling that was going on in between each performance, but this time around it was a different matter.

The crowd was more intense as each track flowed nicely in to the next and they certainly soaked up his lyrical prowess, gone were the over-long descriptions and the flow of the performance was far better, keeping the show moving and dare I say grooving!

Brendan from Wheatus came on to stage to perform with MC Lars, brilliant, just brilliant, the pair of them had the audience eating out of the palms of their hands.

Check out MCLars website for more info on him and his music.

Wheatus Headline The Ucheldre Centre


The band hit the stage and proceeded to perform tracks from what the audience wanted to hear, Brendan informed everyone they don’t have a set list and proceeded to wow the audience with the vocals that we have all come to love from Brendan Brown.

Giving an almost 2-hour set and bringing the audience into the performance as any good band would do, when it comes to it, Brendan is the face and sound of Wheatus and through the night this was evident in the powerful performance that he put out.


I’ve been to quite a few gigs over the years and one thing that you can never forget is the way and audience rates a band, you can always tell from their reactions to how a band is doing and the crowd at the Ucheldre Centre were loving every second.

Wheatus performed old and new material which all went down extremely well with everyone, yes including me, but I do love a bit of Wheatus, who doesn’t.

Brendan certainly has an active stage presence, which comes across in each performance,, though I would have liked to seen him Twerking when he mentioned it, you can just tell that after all these years since their first album in 2000 he still loves every moment and touring is certainly in his blood.

The night was as exciting as any massive stadium gig could be, the atmosphere was certainly electric and finishing with Teenage Dirtbag everyone went completely wild, OK yes I did too, we were all singing our lungs out with the track.


Returning for an encore Wheatus have shown Holyhead that they are a band that still has a huge collection of fans, old and young, a gig that just has to be seen and heard, my recommendation, go and see Wheatus live, they will have you rocking throughout the night.

Big thanks to Wheatus, The Ventura Project (Joey and Matthew), Gabrielle Sterbenz, MC Lars, Dan from Straight Jacket Legends and Rozzy you were all awesome and treated us extremely well and also thanks to everyone involved and yes we want Wheatus back for more.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham