You can always guarantee a great night of entertainment when Straight Jacket Legends are performing and their performance in Holyhead was another one of those nights. With guest Dual Core and MC Lars, Holyhead got a night of music that even the ferry port could probably hear.

The lads not only performed a few of their tracks from their Lemon Party EP, but they also performed some tracks from their new upcoming album, which sounded really good.

Straight Jacket Legends Live in Holyhead

Straight Jacket Legends Live in Holyhead

Suffice to say they rocked the place and brought the house down in their 30 minute set.

Now I have to admit, I am a bit of a fan of the lads music and it was great to catch up with them since we last met at Wales Comic Con last September when they were supporting Thomas Nicholas.

Straight Jacket Legends Live in Holyhead

But they still have what it takes to go big and with the news that they have a new album on the way, which I’m really looking forward to reviewing for the blog and you never know a little competition with some signed stuff from the guys, Straight Jacket Legends always perform amazingly to the mass of fans at all their gigs.

Dual Core

Dual Core & Straight Jacket Legends Live in Holyhead

Following on from Straight Jacket Legends was Dual Core, rap/hip hop, really pulled in the crowd, after they’d been pumped up by Straight Jacket Legends, they were ready for the act.

Great crowd participation and vocal talents, admiration and credit due to an artist that can certainly get a crowd getting involved with the music.

MC Lars

Rap artist MC Lars, was the last act for the night, with a projector screen and an Apple Mac, he rapped out a few tracks, but in between, did a little too much talking about the track for my liking.

Now don’t get me wrong the music was OK, but the long-winded talking between the tracks was killing the feeling of a night of awesome music, my advice, keep the introductions to the tracks to a minimum.

At the end of the evening Straight Jacket Legends returned to the stage to finish of the night with MC Lars with a track that they have released together called, She’s Out Of Line and this certainly finished off with a massive bang.

Straight Jacket Legends Awesome As Ever


What an amazing night, fans of the band loved the night, everyone had an amazing night and the new material from the forthcoming album was great,if you get a chance to see Straight Jacket Legends live, then I highly recommend you go and see them.

Find out more about them on Twitter at @SJLtw.

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