Bit of a preview on this one for you my dear readers, The Liability is released in Cinemas, but here at Blazing Minds we had a chance of a preview of the movie starring Tim Roth, so here we are with a special preview/review.

The Liability comes from the exec producer of Lock, Stock, and stars Tim Roth, Peter Mullan and Jack O’Connell. The film follows a veteran assassin dreaming of retirement (Roth), who is paired with an eager young driver on a mission to carry out a long-distance ‘hit’ job. An accomplished second outing for young director Craig Viveiros, The Liability is aesthetically striking with a great soundtrack. It’s out on May 17th.

Liability Quad

The Liability Sypnosis

After crashing a prize car belonging to his gangster stepfather (played by the formidable Peter Mullan), Adam (O’Connell) is forced to repay the debt by teaming up with professional hit man, Roy, to act as driver on what should be a swift and easy mission.

The Liability

Whilst Roy desperately wants to leave the killing game, Adam develops into an enthusiastic and aspirational hit-man. A beautiful, mysterious young woman (Talulah Riley; St Trinians 1 & 2, Pride & Prejudice) has witnessed the murder and professional code dictates that she must also now be dispatched, but as events unfold, it becomes apparent that there is more to her arrival than mere coincidence.

The Liability (Tim Roth)

The Liability Trailer

The Liability Overall Thoughts

Not an overall amazing movie, the action sequences are shot well and the on screen chemistry of the characters is noticeable,  although some of the movie does seem a little rushed and not polished as well as it could be and with a little extra time in production this may have been sorted out.

But enjoyable all the same, it’s a British Gangster road movie that could have done with a little more grunt and kick, it’s not the best British Gangster movie out there but it’s by no means the worst.

The Liability is in cinemas on the 17th May and released on DVD on the 27th May.

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