Those of you that have read Blazing Minds for many years will have seen the article that has been an ongoing project about Little Venice Rhyl that is beneath the Queen’s Market in the seaside town of Rhyl, North Wales.

Many have thought that it was something that was a bit of a myth, but many know that it does indeed exist beneath the old market’s floor.

In recent documents that have come to the attention of Blazing Minds, that were given to us by a government source, we can now give you the true size of Little Venice Rhyl and to how it became one of the biggest cover ups in the history of North Wales.

Queens (Above Little Venice Rhyl)

The documents clearly state the underground water way was used as part of a system to ferry the rich and famous in and out of the town, its key use was for the politicians that were having affairs at the time to get in and out of the hotel without being seen by the public as well as other covert goings on.

On closer inspection of the documents they also show the original plans for the underground system and the shocking overall size of the canals that ran to and from the Queens during the years before the fire and after!

Queens - Theatre (Above Little Venice Rhyl)

It also shows a rather amazing pulley system that was used for the gondoliers to be lifted up and turned around on the different levels allowing the travelling to other sections in the rather large system, that we have now discovered runs from Queens to the Golf Course towards Prestatyn and shockingly to the Foryd Bridge at Rhyl Harbour.

Even the grand theatre had a spiral staircase down to the canal system for the acts at the time to make a quick getaway without been seen by the audience who may have waited for autographs, this amazing Victorian iron work can still be found beneath the floor of the shoe repairers in what is now The Queens Market!

“I’ve been down the staircase, it is in need of restoration now, but the underground system is gigantic, I’m amazed that the many of the shops and houses haven’t fallen in to it yet!”, a source told us.

People have heard of the concrete that was supposedly brought in to fill Little Venice Rhyl, we were told, “This just isn’t true, yet concrete was delivered, but this was used for repairing the supports of the jade tiled columns that ran all the way to the Foryd Bridge“, “the recent work on the Foryd Bridge was a cover up, they were actually recovering some of the Victorian treasures that the first people to settle in Rhyl had stored there!“.

Many of us know about the terrible fire that spread through the building in the early 1900’s and many have often wondered how this started, it turns out from the documents that it was caused by something so shocking, that it is beyond belief.

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The Fire That Brought Down The Dome

It seems that a top official was visiting the building and in a failed assassination attempt the building caught fire, causing the catastrophic damage to the building and its underground water way. The explosion was caused by tampered with gas lamps, which caused the fire to rocket up through the air vents from underground water way causing the glorious glass domed gardens to plummet through the floors of the building.

Queens Palace - Glass Dome

Although at first the damage was announced to be so terrible that the the canal system was completely destroyed, it wasn’t, we spoke to Mr Nicolas Holding about the fire and he told us, “Yes the fire wasn’t as bad as they first thought, it appears that the assassin had a boat waiting at the Foryd Bridge and made his way through the underground waterway to it, where he escaped“, “no one ever discovered who it was!“.

While looking in to the history and reading the document that little bit closer, we have discovered that a oil baron from the USA is looking in to purchasing all the front coast of Rhyl and looking to reopen the underground water way, which would be fantastic for the tourism of the area, we have managed to catch up with him and we were lucky enough to get him to tell us his plans.

Queens Palace - Inside Glass Dome

According to Mr Chambers, his plans are to open up the canal system to the public and bring back a true Victorian feel back to the town, with more than just Gondoliers below the streets of Rhyl, he wants to add so much more entertainment there and is also hoping to extend the water way to the Pavilion Theatre for a touch of romance, “.. slowly drift along the water with your loved one and then arrive for a romantic evening of theatre ..“, Mr. Chambers also went on to say, “.. re-opening Queens as a deluxe Victorian hotel is also something I would like to do“.

Queens Rhyl 2

Now we will be watching out for this one it sounds dreamy. So now you know folks, we now know the true gigantic size of Little Venice Rhyl, we certainly hope that Mr. Chambers can pull this one off as it will certainly bring some much needed funding and fun back in to Sunny Rhyl.

We posted this as part of our April Fools for 2015, of course a lot of this post is fabricated, but, there is a lot of truth in the article as well which was the basis for the story. It was also posted as a incentive for people to ask questions about the Victorian building in Rhyl, North Wales. If you are interested about Queens then you can read the ever growing article that inspired this one here on this very website

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Karen Woodham
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