I have to say that I enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen when it was released back in 2013, so I’d been looking forward to seeing London Has Fallen. So the other night I sat back with the Blu-ray of the movie to check it out.

During the funeral of London’s for the Prime Minister, Mike Banning (played by Gerard Butler) discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders. So it’s up to him to do the right thing and save the President (played by Aaron Eckhart) from the impending carnage!

Very much like Olympus Has Fallen, this sequel is still very much like those good old 80s and 90s action movie that we all used to enjoy so much. It’s all out action that doesn’t give you time to come up or breath.

London Has Fallen – Simple and to the Point

Let’s face it, the movie doesn’t really have that over-complicated storyline, where you keep getting lost trying figure out who is who and why they are doing something. This movie is has a simple plot and it sticks to it, save the president at any cost!

With the help of a British MI6 agent Jacquelin Marshall (played by Charlotte Riley) and Vice President Trumbull (played by Morgan Freeman), Banning and the President along with Jacobs (played by Angela Bassett) flee for some sort of safety.

London has Fallen still


London certainly gets a beating, not long into the film, during the funeral, everything kicks off with explosions, excessive amounts of gunfire and car chases around the deserted London streets. This continues on for the majority of the film.

But this is where all the fun is in a movie like this, the special effects of the London landmarks being blown up are brilliant, not only that the action sequences are really nicely put together and the sound adds to the atmosphere with a great use of the 5.1 sound mix.

In one particular scene, Banning and a team of British troops head down a street in what can only be described as a gauntlet, with bullets flying everywhere, each one whizzes by and the rear left and right speakers pick them up perfectly as they disappear behind the viewer.

The same goes for the explosions, using each of the 5 speakers to produce an orchestra of shrapnel and debris flying around the room.

Visually the picture is crystal clear and the colours, even in the darker scenes, are vibrant. The Blu-ray certainly is the way to go to watch London Has Fallen, from the tiniest details to the biggest explosions, everything can be seen with clarity.

Director, Babak Najafi, has done a great job on the action sequences in the movie, keeping everything flowing nicely and not letting anyone’s guard down for a moment.

At the end of the day London Has Fallen is an action movie that is mainly all about the action, forget the plot, this is a film that wants’s you to see car chases, men running around with guns and massive explosions.

Die Hard it isn’t, but it certainly one of the films that is fun.

London Has Fallen is out on Digital Download on the 11th July and on DVD & Blu-ray on the 18th July.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham