World War Z sees United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) travels the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

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World War Z – Forget The Slow Walkers, These Things Sprint!

Before I start I have to say that Zombies have always been one of my favourite creatures/monsters in movies, ever since I was 9 years old watching George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, which as a 9-year-old scared the heck out of me.

But Zombies were stuck in my mind and ever since then, unjust live Zombie movies, including comedy ones such as Return of the Living Dead.

Ok , so back to World War Z, now I had heard so much about the film which is based on the novel by Max Brooks (son of director Mel Brooks), mainly what I had heard was that the film would suck big time and be a complete waste of time, oh how wrong they were!

With Zombies currently trending with The Walking Dead TV series, it was inevitable that Brooks’ novel would get the Hollywood treatment, sadly I can’t compare the film to the book as I haven’t read it, but I will update this review when I have.

The first you notice about World War Z is that the film kicks off with the action extremely quickly, there’s no mucking about, within the first 10 minutes or so all hell breaks loose as the Zombie pandemic spreads across the world.

These Zombies are quick, damn quick, they pounce on their prey like a pack of wild animals and it not just their movements that are quick it’s also the change to living dead of those bitten that’s fast as well.

Having everything moving so fast really adds to the action of the film, yes I’m one that always liked the slow Zombies, but after seeing World War Z, I could be converted to the side of the “Sprinting Dead”.

World War Z - Tumbling down the walls of Jerusalem

With Gerry (Brad Pitt) going to several countries to find out how the “plague” started is nicely done, the section in Jerusalem is nicely done as they keep the Zombies out with a massive wall.

I do usually have my doubts when a film like this has a 15 certificate and think they just don’t have enough gore for a Zombie movie, but this still has shocks and loads of edge of your seat moments, I defy anyone not to double check when they are in a crowd of people, just in case.

Overall Thoughts For World War Z

Bit of a change for most Zombie movies, it’s certainly a film that has plenty of action to keep you gripped throughout its 116 mins and also has you thinking maybe a pandemic like this could be possible!

But the big question is should Zombies run like they do in World War Z or stumble along like those in classic George A. Romero films?

Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

Director: Marc Forster
Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and Daniella Kertesz
UK Release: 21st June
Screenplay: Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof
Story by: J. Michael Straczynski, Matthew Michael Carnahan, Max Brooks

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